Toyota Recalls in 2010 prompts better customer service

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2010

These are troubling times for Japanese automaker Toyota, following a spate of recalls. It is no secret that customer complaints have gone unnoticed about faulty brake and gas pedals on a number of vehicles, prompting a recall of more than 8 million. Toyota has now pledged that they will improve and offer a much better customer service.

In order to better the service with customer complaints, BBC News reports that Toyota will rely on outside help from a number of experts across the globe – this decision was made following their recent global safety committee.

These independent experts will take a close look at Toyota’s current quality control measures, and then formulate what changes need to be made. The findings from this first report will be published in June- so we wait to see how long it will take Toyota to make these changes.

In other related news, the Japanese automaker has said that it would be fitting a brake override system into their vehicles on those that were reported by drivers.

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