Stimulus Map Pack: “Can’t download the update”, Being Resolved

By Jamie Pert - Mar 30, 2010

If you are having problems downloading the title update for Modern Warfare 2 do not worry, apparently this problem is in the process of being resolved.

Since the release of the Stimulus Map Package on Xbox Live there has been an ongoing problem which requires a title update for MW2, apparently Microsoft are doing their best to get this title update out to everyone.

Ten minutes ago Major Nelson tweeted “If ur getting “Can’t download the update” that’s us putting the latest update in place. Excuse our dust, we’ll be done ASAP”, as Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) is the director of programming for Xbox Live his tweets should be pretty trustworthy.

He also recently tweeted “Right now the team (and @thevowel) is getting things in order so this will be fixed VERY soon (within hours.)”, hopefully it won’t be too many hours before the update rectifies all issues, as we find out more we will keep you posted.

Are you frustrated with having to wait ‘hours’ for a resolution?

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  • rob

    i reedemed my code and it accepted it but they my points never showed up in my account did anyone else have this problem?

  • auzi7

    Ditto to Aggra. This sucks. I still can't even add microsoft points! So I did the same thing. What a waste of time. I'm sure they are working hard on it. But either hackers are the problem or someone messed up big time. Y not just test it before you release it.?


    waited 4 hours after downloading, then it updated and now i can't join games 🙂

    good job microsoft!

  • Aggra

    what burns me was that I could not add points to my account so I ran out to best buy and paid $20 for points think that was all the issue was. I put my 25 digit code in only to find out that the whole damn thing is down and I just wasted time for no reason.

    This is not the end of the world but it is inexcusable. I'm a bit annoyed at paying $15 for 5 maps in the first place. They could have put something on the website about this issue. Then I would have seen it and not wasted my time.

  • dan

    hmm this also seems to be happening on cod 5 aswell but xbox live is connected…

  • dan

    doesn't work still!!!!!!!!! i can download but when i go on live it kicks me out, none of my freinds can play either…

  • Kyle

    I downloaded the update successfully but now online does not work at all with any maps. Just says unable to join session or connection with live server interrupted. I didn't even get the map pack and it's still broken.

  • Joe

    Every one pay us $15 for this dlc and well give you some shit that doesn’t work…this should of never happened…BULLSHIT!!!!!

  • joey

    omg it finally worked!!!

  • Jacckoooo

    The update is getting fixed guys, I am as angry as anyone but just wait, its not a 'Big' deal !

  • connor

    Really annoyed with this, been waiting all day for this fucking map pack and when its finally here we gotta wait even longer to play it. Sort it the fuck out and think about the players for once…

  • dadadadan

    likewise. was in the middle of a game and it asked to do teh update then wont DL the update. Pisstake!!!!

  • As of 11:22 EST, it seems to be working. Enjoy, all.

  • rob

    downloaded the map pak… FINALLY downloaded the game update…. and it still doesn't work… hmmmm… is n e one else playing?

  • Jared

    @Frank: Yeah, i'm surprised they didn't QA. It probably would've taken them an extra 5 minutes to do so and figure out that it doesn't work. A little sloppy and careless on their part. I wonder who's gonna take responsibility for this.

  • makkavelly

    what the fuck playing mw2 10 minutes ago now it wont play , geting sick of this xbox shit ,, get bur act together xbox people we need to play ,, we paid now let us play

  • Seth

    I suspect no QA test because of hackers. There is already a leak on youtube. Check it out. Looks like it could sue all the updates it can get. Terrible. But hey.. what are you going to do.

    As for those people who are banging their heads and screaming at the top of their lungs… pathetic… get a life

  • pigsymagic

    god sake ms when are you gonna do something right? (sky player?arcade room? wtf is joyride) evey new thing you try has months of bug testing what are you doing !we pay for live sort it out i cant even get online because it keeps prompting me for the update not happy

  • Frank

    A little pissed. If i just spent 15 bucks on it, i want to play it when I buy it. Kind of makes you wonder if they do a QA test before they upload it for purchasing

  • James K

    What an exciting first day of spring break. If sum1 could message my GT when the patch works that would be great. My GT is MeRcURy 1245.

  • mark

    yes this is fuking discraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xGRIZx

    how fail can you be to make you able to download something but not be able to use it?