Rare Superman Comic Fetches $1.5 Million: Action Comics

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2010

A rare Superman Comic from 1938, part of the Action Comics series has fetched $1.5 million at auction – shattering a new record that has already been broken twice this year. The No.1 issue, which featured Superman cost just 10 cents when released, the Guardian reports that this is considered the Holy Grail of comics.

Back in February the same issue sold for $1 million, but the condition was not as good. Just a few days later a Batman comic sold for $75,000 more. The 1938 Action Comics with Superman on the cover are very rare now – with just 100 thought to still be in existence, only a few of those are thought to be in a good condition.

So who would pay $1.5 million for a comic – not your average collector that’s for sure? According to the Guardian, a hardcore fan had purchased the comic from previous owners Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo.

There certainly seems to be a surge in comic books at auction of late – so can we expect to see many more records being broken in this year?

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