New iPhone HD Specs: Safe set of predictions

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2010

Following on from our recent post that the WSJ confirmed the existence of a new Apple iPhone – which was later confirmed as the iPhone HD – Engadget were running continuous updates on the story. The blog has now posted a few specs, thanks to predictions from John Gruber.

Gruber is not one for mixing his words when talking about so-called rumors about the new iPhone for 2010. He likes more facts, so when he offers us a few details on specs, we can be sure that they are safe predictions.

Gruber reports on Daring Fireball that the new iPhone HD will come with an A4-class SoC, a front facing camera, 960 x 640 display, and that all-important iPhone OS 4.0. The addition of that new operating system will enable true multi-tasking.

So how much does John Gruber really know, it is a safe bet that he knows much more than he is letting on?

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  • I can't buy these predictions as "safe", 960 x 480 is just too much and moreover it would be useless and unusable. Maybe 800 x 480 would be a safer bet?