MW2 Stimulus Package: Problems continue with error messages

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2010

Despite Major Nelson informing us that the Title Update is now live for Modern Warfare 2, we have learnt that the majority of you are still having problems trying to play the new Stimulus Package for the game.

After the initial delay, we all thought the new maps will be playable after the Title Update landed, however gamers have been getting the following error message:

”Connection with the Xbox Live Servers has been interrupted.”

We’ve had a quick check on both Major Nelson’s and Rob Bowling’s Twitter accounts – No word from the Major, but Bowling gave gamers an update on the situation:

”Yes, matchmaking is in a bad state on #xboxlive right now. We’re working on it & will resolve it as quickly as we can.”

So there you have it. Are you still getting the error message now? Leave us a message with your current status.

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  • Robin

    my mw2 dont load lvls if im in a lobby, game count-down till start. it says Launching
    than it stops i cant control my ps3 anymore, and gotta turn it off with the button back on the ps3 Wttff

  • Robin

    Haha, if im in a lobby, and it count-down for starting game, and the game starts and says: Launching: it wont load, and i cant go to the ps3 menu or anything…
    and i tried over 10 times but it dont just load, any maps, or any S.Ops:$

    maybe its because i just downloaded the new stimilus mappack.. and it just worked a few dayss. now i cant play any maps. and therer is just no scratch or somtin like that on disc;s;s pleasseee i neeed helppp


  • Mr. Jaxstacks

    I don't own a x box i have a ps3 and jus a sugestion for infintry ward, if we (ps3 holders) are gonna have to pay for the map packs too why dont you give us a chance to pay for it earlier so by the time that it comes out enough ppl would have paid for it and we wont have the same problem as x box

  • Navit

    Anyone still having problems, i know i am?

  • itsjustme

    i play PS3 and havent gotten it…….im considering not 2 lol but if i do it might be fixed by then O.O

  • ?????

    im reaady to burn CODMW2 and toss my XBOX out of the window on the 2nd fllor

  • Andy

    It takes me like 10 minutes to find a frickin game when before It took seconds! Whats up I am really confused. I dont know if it's because I live in Hawaii or anything, but still before it was faster! Also how do I fix ping, Being in Hawaii and all, you almost always expect 3 bars when playing (unless you're hose) however, I normally have 2 and if I am lucky have 3.


  • Matthias

    hi, its now 1 april and i still have the problem that i cant find any games. do you guys also still have the problem??? pls help me

  • Wasn't working for me this morning (about 5 hours ago).

    Its a little disappointing. You pay for the XBOX Live account (£40…Which I might add Microsoft screwed up!!!). You pay for the game (£25 for me but some paid upto £50). You pay for the overpriced addon pack (£10). You'd think they could get the release right!!

  • Dude

    AGH! This isn't working, I mean, 20 bucks and I still don't have only gaming. I got the Stimulus Package in hopes of new maps and double XP. In return for paying them, I get a game that doesn't work on regular matches or private matches. And the career sucks so I think Infinity Ward blows. They should piss out their failure and fix it.

  • xbox liveripoff

    stiil down:(

  • KillerDanielo

    I'm so glad that it came out for xbox first so it can all be fixed up for when it comes out for ps3. Im still a little mad that i have to wait another month tho. Still worth it so we wont have as many problem. 😀

  • Abbey

    It's saying that my codes of my Microsoft Points weren't activated at the store, but they had to be for me to walk out of there.

  • LIMP Predator

    this is happening to me as well it just sits there and goes through search but doesnt find any.. really the new maps come out and im forced to go play bc2

  • David

    Still a no go for me. I waited for 20 minutes to find 1 game after it went through the searching for available game about 20 times. Then when i joined it, everyone was on yellow or red bar connections. It usually finds 25-37 games within the first minute of searching for a game whenever i played normally before today.

    What a shame. Better be fixed by tomorrow or lots of people including me will be angry.

  • eek

    working fine for me now, has been for an hour or two!

  • Michael

    And for those that took off work to play a game…

    1. Stop playing games and get priorities straight.
    2. Learn about launch days. They are always buggy no matter who their from.

    And yes, I have a full time job in the computer industry. Real life ALWAYS comes first.

  • Michael

    Plus… just to sit things straight, this is all Activisions fault as far as pricing and everything goes. They determine the price, and they determine the launch. Microsoft paid to have exclusive launch rights for 30 days before it goes to PS3 but Activivision does blow as a company. I just hope Infinity Ward can break their contract and run away from Activisision before they tear it all up and hand it to Treyarch (ugh!!).

  • Michael

    You all are all so funny talking about how much $15 is… LOL

    You can't even spend one night out going to the movies and buying some popcorn for $15 and yet here you can buy 5 maps (plus some other things) for $15 and play them night after night to your heart's content. Even if you play only one night per week you will make up that $15 in NO TIME. Get over it already. Its pretty damn cheap price for unlimited entertainment if you like the game, and if you don't like it then obviously it isn't geared towards you.

  • Numberj5

    They're making the switch to Battlefield: BC2 almost a necessity.

  • grand master flash

    dudes listen up for sum reason its working now iv just been playin it with my friend for about 2 hours now its working fin or atleast for me anyway

  • j – swizzle

    i dont know whats all the fuss about it works perfectly fine for me…

  • Josh TheGanjaMast3r

    I'm gonna teabag everyone at infinityward. assholes

  • Bryan

    It’s broken and I took a day off work to play this game. This game that cost nearly $20 to update(which is way over-priced!)on top of the original $65 I payed for the game and missing a day of work, you suck mw2, where are the brilliant zombie guys!

  • robert freedman

    is it just me or is it not letting you sign into xbox live

  • BetrayedByXboxLive

    Why did it had to be on xbox? Couldn't it be on the cheap Wii version ???

  • HolyF***

    One question: Can i just play the new maps in playlist under "stimulus"?

    Or are the news maps in the normal Team Deathmatch or CTF Playlist also?

  • ferryboi1987

    unbelievable extremely p**ed off !!!!!!!!! FeCked my day rite up if they dont sort it soon :@grrrrrrrr basterds

  • carlos

    how hard can it be???? if i let my work go out like that id be sacked the same day!! with all the millions they made out of us you would think they would hire someone with half a brain! Xbox is a good console, shame microsoft let utter ***** design software for it!! SORT YOURSELVES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    same here, nothing works on multiplayer, getting pissed off!

  • TJD

    i haven't downloaded the new maps and im getting this message constantly

  • wtf

    nothing online works it keeps saying unable to jo

  • eek

    JUST made it into a game!!!

  • still down, this is ridiculous haven't they heard of beta testing? some serious discount should be given…

    Updates here

  • ridepolaris12

    still no dice

  • That Guy

    Well the thing is I cant play it, but some of my friends who did get into matches and they said it worked perfectly fine, but the thing is, they have extremly good connection and i have moderate so idk… my friends talked to some people that work there and they said they have been working on it all day and are doing everything they can to fix it so im not mad cuz its probly not all their fault…


    This is feckin pathetic, how the hell were they allowed to release this to the public without these problems being known before hand. There is no way that these issues would not be noticed during the live online testing stages of the pack.

    I'm with you guys, I think that they should refund 600 points back to our accounts because of their feckup. There's a lot of UNHAPPY people out here at the moment, GET IT SORTED

  • JonH

    Waited up till midnight in the hope of downloading the new maps then got up at 7 this morning. Finally it came through after lunch and yep the whole thing is f%&*ed!!!!!!! Sooooooo frustrating. They have had months of planning to get the right and its not like they haven't done a map pack before! Free months gaming for all I say!

  • Alexd

    Still not working (11:45 GMT) Canada. I know things happen but when you pay for live, pay for the game, pay for the dlc and these guys are making millions an hour today off the 15 bucks it costs for this…shit should have gone off without a hitch. I know if I offered service like this people would tell me to shove it up my ass.

  • Angry Frank

    microsofts service is horrible. sure they will take your money in a heartbeat but provide you crap in return.

  • dylan

    mines has no error anymore just wont find games

  • Angry Frank

    you would think that they would have taken all the steps to make sure nothing like this would happen prior to releasing the new downloads. it just seems that their servers are crap. microsoft has all this money but provides crap for service.

  • Hugh

    Still not working here. I don't know if anybody else has this, but when I'm searching for a match it says "Finding games: < 50ms ping". It hasn't said that before today or at least that I've noticed. Pretty pissed. I was hoping to play it before class today.

  • alfie

    omg ! sort it out ! i new this would happen, i thought some twat would hack it but its fucked up my cod rank aswell im level 2nd prestige now and i was 7th prestige 56 :@ so annoyed ! HELP PLEASE, i want my rank back ?

    • martin

      that sucks!!!!

  • jayb

    still cant play MW2 they r taking the piss.

    • Kamil

      online dont work, but if u go on split screen you can easily get into maps if anyone wants to have a look around the maps…

  • Jason

    10:20 pacific time: Still down.

    Communication to servers, still interuppted.

  • burger

    Still nothing

    • Phil

      same here mate

  • david

    yes but some of my friends can play it but i cant

  • John

    still not workin i want my money back

  • BetrayedByXboxLive

    still down

  • Moses

    Why dont you play Bad Company 2?

    • Josh The snake

      Because Bad company 2 got boring in like a week after playing the same 4 levels over and over and over and over

  • Simon

    None of the Multiplayers options work and having problems with other games too like fifa 10, I want my xbox live money back fckin wankers charging us £15 then it doesn't work fckin arseholes why do we all let big companies take us for granted!!!!!!!!!!

    • James

      Yeah FIFA10 still has that glitch from 09 where it freezes from kick-off if you try and play with a few mates on the same console as well. Profile settings just trigger it randomly after a while and that's the fun sapped out of that =/

  • zoco007

    great just because i wanted double xp and a load of maps i can't play any of my game now!

  • grand master flash

    call of duty world at war dont fucking work now ether cod 4 on the other hand works in a few tries what the fucks going on????

  • Mark

    Can not sign in to buy points to get the COD stimulus pack. LOL

  • RandomistMR

    nah, this is bullshit, they should have prepared for an event like this but yet again, Microsoft has let us down, this was obviously going to be a huge release and everyone was going to be prepared to pay an over price from the PS3 users to get it early (referring to microsoft point's are more expensive) but seriously this is a joke.

  • FlamingSkyDesolution

    yeah no matchmaking yet.

  • pissed

    What a freakin joke and they have the cheek to take 1200 points now they are talking about subscription based COD well iw/activision tak youre game and shove it where the sun dont shine.Definetly finished with cod it dont work and is becoming even more expensive to play……Google…subscription based cod and see what these fuckin monkeys are sayin now.

  • Ron

    9:50am pacific time. Still no go.

  • martin

    i can't even play regular games, such as Headquarters Pro, Demolition, Free-for-all etc….
    anyone the same problem?

    • snype lee

      same here…

    • thomas

      same here….. if a solution does come up plz hit me up at my email address:


  • james

    incredibly annoying, i took a day off work only to find out this **** , 5 hours now and still i cant do anything.

    • DYNAMO

      get a fuckin life u stupid bastard

  • John

    getting "unable to join game session" and "communication to xbox live servers has been interrupted" 🙁

  • bzzzzz

    its still screwed up

  • Gandalf

    Tossers have broken the whole multiplayer game. None of it works now.

  • eek

    yep. still having problems. The package downloaded fine, the update downloaded fine, and after a few frozen screens I was actually able to check out the maps in a private match I set up. However, finding a regular match is impossible. Although it connects to xbox live (MOST of the time) it constantly finds 0/50 possible good game matches and simply repeats the search over and over.

    • alf

      how long do u think its gonna take to fix this? cause most of my freidns can still play but i cant

    • Andrew

      that keeps happening to me too it is frustrating because i paid 15 dolars to have the searching for a match take forvever literally please fix this asap u made a billion off mw2 where is the support team at?

    • Wardude

      Thats the same thing happening to me, i can't even get into regular matches without the maps.

    • Thomas

      Ive got those problem aswell.But the thing is that its not the first time its happened to me.i keep getting to 70-80% of matches found in any playlist and it just goes back to searching for players.

  • mark

    still broken, managed to get into special ops 2 player online but it was so laggy i threw up and now i hate cod. THANKS

  • Kevin

    can't play any maps. it keeps freezing or saying unable to join and kicking me.