MW2 Stimulus Pack broken: Major Nelson Twitter update

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2010

For all of you who are wondering what on earth is going on with the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package, we have an update to give you now, from Major Nelson regarding the delay.

Major Nelson has been keeping frustrated Xbox 360 owners updated on his Twitter account. As we mentioned in our earlier post, the download became available BEFORE the title update, meaning that the content is unplayable for the time being.

Nelson had this to say on the matter: ”The Stimulus Package needs a Title Update and it didn’t go out properly. We’re pushing it out now – it won’t be long.”

Lets hope ‘long’ means a matter of hours rather than days, otherwise it would be a disaster for all parties concerned you feel.

What are your thoughts on this – not ideal is it guys? Keep your eye on his Twitter acount for further updates.

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  • 360 sucks

    suckers lmfao

  • steel

    I feel like raped.Still not working.

  • Keroo

    Jeez, stop crying. They made ONE mistake on releasing the DLC. If you can’t wait a small amount of time for them to correct it, you need a life.


    please someone help i can't play stimulus package and thats not the worse part i can't play ANY thing not even team deathmatch…… please help!! 🙁

  • I find it funny people are complaining for refunds for their DLC because they can't play for a few hours. Hell, why not ask for a refund for your disc? Why not ask for a refund for your XBL membership while your at it? Might as well ask for some coupons or complimentary items for having you suffer through such a traumatizing event. We, the people, demand reparations! Give me a break…

  • lewis

    Firstly, IW, you suck. i have finally updated though, but the lobbies are still freezing, and not connecting me to games. REFUND please.

  • j todd

    has it been fixed?, still at work, waiting to go play

  • Lan

    The team leads at infinty ward and xbox live should be fired for this crap. I'm buying a PS3 and play some good old God of War 3. This xbox is crap… so many problems. I have gone through 4 consoles due to failed hardware and now this? MS can't do hardware right… can't do software right. The only thing they are good at is taking your money.

  • dan

    This is LT…This is why I wate…..I dont buy anything on the first day does not matter what it is….. Still playing ALWAYS WATE>>>>>>>>>>

  • justin

    i want a refund

  • FlamingSkyDesolution

    No, it is still not working as of 1:22 eastern time. The playstation people are laughing at us!! "haha gunea pig!" Shouldnt the major bugs allready be fixed through extensive beta testing before a global launch? I cant wait till halo reach hits live.. ahh Im gonna play some nazi zombies to cure my urge for shooting something.

  • HappyShopper

    Much love Activision, awesome job, keep up the great work!

  • Dungeon master

    got the stimulus
    pack and the update and I still cant join any matches.

    go figure?

  • Dave

    This is a joke. They must have known there would be huge demand for this. I can't play online at all now. Maybe I'll buy a playstation 3 at least I don't have to pay to go online then.

  • Bob

    OMG get a freaking life people. It isn't the end of the world… Go outside and something physical.

  • Adesomers

    ive got the same problem, but you can go into a private match just to check them out

  • beefcake

    @djskitza that’s funny, because ACER is garbage. And it only took a few hours to get it fixed, so all of you need to stfu. Just because there’s one SMALL problem doesn’t mean you have to qq like emo faggots about it.

    • nick

      All these maps had and uploads had been completed for months, this is totally an error on their part.and a small problem? a small problem isnt millions of paid customers getting refused what they paid for in the first place. i would not recomend keep trying to load matches either for caseof overheating ur x box.

    • Modern warfare on PC is 1'000'000 X betta than any console!!!!

  • gunn

    i still can not get on to the new maps why?

  • gmonkey

    So now the update doesn't work! Big shocker…

  • Kayla

    Yup my xbox keeps freezing no matter which lobby I go on!

  • Ponzmoonz

    I got the update but when i try to join a game i get disconnected fro xbox servers.


    what a laod of sh*te waiting waiting YES i can download the maps oh no wait a min its not even letting me play at all.Well that was 1200 m/s points wasted but never mind everyone at least the big chiefs can line there pockets with all our money as it was so over priced and we just get messed around REFUND REFUND REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (GIRL) Shaunna

    you have too buy the maps too play.

  • brad

    when is this shit going to be fixed

  • Answer me this 1 question, if you bought a new car, paid cash and had it delivered to your house. What would you do if a team of engineers then turned up with car parts sayin "We'll try and get it done for you ASAP" Now you wouldn't be best pleased.

  • r8gingbull

    jezus $^%* i just the overpriced maps!!! and then i can't get an update!@!!!
    it seems everybody got the same problem!!!

    man!!!!! what a waste!!!

    add me !!!

  • adam

    this has completely killed my MW2 online capability.

    if i sign into a gold account, it tells me there is an update available (and that it wont let me go on live unless i do it, then it fails the update (every time) and wont play the game unless i sign out of my gold account.

    well done IW.

  • actherealist

    has anyone heard how long it gonna take to be fixed?

  • i will no be buyin any more DLC after this. I will not be buying any more xbox related items after this! i WILL be selling my xbox and buying an ACER gaming computer! The amount of years ive defended xbox and infinity ward make a huge scholl boy error! Sorry but youve lost me as a xbox gamer. Infinity Ward is being run by rednecks getting off watching a repeat of jerry springer titled "My lover is also my Dad and Uncle!"

  • actherealist

    im havin the same problem i cant update my xbox after i downloaded the maps now i cant play at all

  • brad

    why sure pay money not to be able to play the game at all every time it says update and it will not let me get it so it kicks me off

  • MrMachineHead

    Jesus christ…i agree with Mg9…REFUNDS FOR ALL!!

  • Admiralredbull

    update disconnects me from xbox live then tries to download the update durr! cant connect to xbox live durr. Back to BFBC2 then!


    it says update neded to play XBL sighns me out fails update over and ove fukin help

  • blackjack

    yeah i have the same problem now i cant play ANY thing !!! for any one who has not got it yet DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY !!! think i might give battlefield 2 a try …… lol

  • It's not that I can't play the new maps until the title update. It's that I can't play ANY maps!