Motorola DROID: 2.1 update for EU, still no Verizon release

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2010

Some more ‘look away now’ reading for Verizon owners now, as we can confirm that the Motorola Milestone (EU version of the DROID) has been updated to Android OS 2.1 throughout all of Europe.

As reported from BGR, it seems like Verizon DROID owners in the US are the only group who don’t have the 2.1 update yet – we already know parts of Asia have it too, as of last week.

As we told you yesterday, Motorola informed everyone on Verizon with regards to the update, stating that the rollout was ‘taking longer than expected’ – but still failed to give a solid date.

How do Verizon owners feel about this? Still prepared to wait?

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  • Gerald Levine

    I have the Milestone from Telus Canada. I am in the USA with ATT but no Data Plan only Wi-FI. Can I still get the 2.1 update with WI-FI only? thanks for the info

  • Matt

    Like daniel said, just root the dang thing. Its easy to do, it adds a lot of function that they don't offer, like wireless tether. I say, who the heck wants the update? not me!

  • daniel

    umm i dont know what you guys are talking about but if you go to androidforums or droid-life, theres already batches of droid 2.1 update ESE81 out OTA. go check it out yourself.

  • Stanley

    To be honest, the Droid is a cool device but for all the people who are on 2.01, you really don’t know what you are missing out if you’ve never played around with a rooted phone. For the rest of us who have tasted 2.1, it’s just unfortunate that these two companies can’t pull their crap together to get it to everyone else.

  • The Droid is potentially cool but severly rushed to market. There are a number of problems here but first and foremost is the fact that the Droid has bugs. The GPS has bugs. The phone calls are terrible. Essential apps like Google Voice and Maps do not work consistently. Its great when they do work; this is clearly a sign of what’s to come. But I am sick and tired of being a test bed for greedy technology companies. I personally don’t care if the update ever comes–they can patch 2.01 and make it work right thank you very much!

  • Tom

    I guess these people that are bashing Verizon and Motorola, Just wondering what is so bad with the Droid using 2.01. I think this is the best phone I have ever used and I have used a lot. I also want the update really bad. However, just because we want it and it is not fast enough for us we want to cry and scream and threaten. We as adults know better than that. The I want it now immediate gratification group of people need to sit back and really, really get their priorities straight. Maybe things that should matter might be, (I have a job, a home, food, health, good children, etc.) It will come.

  • Greg

    Verizon and motorola have missed the boat. As soon as the next hot droid comes out motorola droid owners will switch. Both companies have proven to be incompetent in the handling of this matter. For all droid owners that have not rooted, what are you waiting for?