Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Map Package now available on Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2010

Well this is the moment you have all been waiting for. We are pleased to confirm that the Stimulus Package for Modern Warfare 2 is now available to download from the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

Simply head to the Live Marketplace, proceed to game add-ons, then new and you should see the download available – bet you got excited, didn’t you?

As you will know by now, it costs 1200 MS points and consists of 5 new maps, Bailout, Salvage, Storm and then two COD4 maps in Crash and Overgrown.

The download is now available for the majority it seems, let us know if you still do not see it. Have fun everyone!

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  • dan

    :/ i can't play NO!!!! ahh well i'll just play cod 5 nz

  • Mike

    downloaded the new maps, i cant play online with the new maps or the old maps, cant play the game at all. it freezes and then says "Communication with xbox live servers has been interupted" or "unable to join game" niiiiiiiiiiiice update………

  • borimex

    I'm glad I saw this site because I just downloaded the maps and same as all of, I just spend money on something that don't work.

  • angel23uk

    no sorry i cant even play either

  • gmoney

    same here. keeps bumping me out of xbox live and then saying i need to be connected to xbox live.

  • neil

    Same here….downloaded….but no updates….can't play the game. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • brooke

    Anyone else having problems downloading the update for modern warefare today? I just saw where the new map packs came out and now Im having a hard time getting my update to work therefore im not able to play online…