Modern Warfare 2 (MW2): Stimulus Package not working?

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2010

I was only joking when I thought there would be problems with the Stimulus Package for MW2 soon after release. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears as if the Map Pack is unplayable for all Xbox 360 owners.

As Nowgamer points out, the download is now available, but players are not able to play the new maps either public or private. From what we gather, this is due to a separate title update to the game, which is meant to sync everything up correctly. All is explained in detail at Robert Bowling’s blog here.

As you probably realise, the Stimulus Package download is now available on the Marketplace, but the in-game patch is not, meaning that you’ll still have to wait to play – even if you have downloaded the content already.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before everything is running smoothly. Don’t do anything drastic for the time being, deep breaths everyone.

We’ll update you when its all sorted.

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  • Codplaya

    LMFAO!! , thisis very funny. I was about to download the Stimulus package and i decided to do some research on it first. I am very happy i found this 😀

    LOL'd at the noobs crying.

  • Luke

    can anyone help me plz im trying to get the map pack but no shop i know dont have it but the only way i know is online wich i think is dodggy.

  • lol

    well thats a lie, mine is working perfect

  • lol

    well thats a lie, mine is working perfect

  • Marc

    can any1 help, Ive tried changing my billing information details so that i can buy the stimmulus pack, however after filling in the information it says 'card details invalid', even though ive checked with my bank statements and every bit of information is correct. Ive checked other forums and they say PSN can block u for 48 hours. Is there any way round this as it is driving me nuts!

  • me

    you fucking suckers lol two words epic fail

  • 360 sucks

    epic fail lol