Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Stimulus Map Package Release Time

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2010

Today is March 30, which means that the Modern Warfare Stimulus Package Map will be made available for download today. As yet we are uncertain of the exact time that the MW2 Map Pack will be ready for Xbox 360 users – but should not be too long now.

For those who have not seen any stills or videos of the new map pack, then boy are you missing out, take a look and let us know what you think – only if you are not too busy already taking advantage of the new Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Package.

Just to recap, the new map pack will come with 5 new maps, these include Bailout, Crash, Salvage, Storm and Overgrown – the cost will be $15 or 1200 Microsoft points. We mentioned above that the new MW2 Stimulus Map Pack will be available for the Xbox 360 – PC and Sony PS3 owners will have to wait an extra couple of weeks, that’s according to World Buzz Now.

Please let us know if you have downloaded the new maps yet, if so what do you think

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  • Bruno

    Yh, its on the ps3 store dunno about xbox and i'm in uk

  • jaimy

    Still hasnt released yetin the netherlands ( europe)
    ive made a american acount but its not on there yet =(

  • Battousai 80

    While I do like the new maps, I'm not a big fan of playing only those maps.

    I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'm not a fan of the game type cycling. I think most people like to play just one game variant, unless they are playing Mosh Pit. My friends and I like playing Ground War because of party chat and the fact it cycles to Team Deathmatch and Domination only.

    It's a bit frustrating that I have to keep adjusting my custom classes/killstreaks when the gametype switches from Team Deathmatch to Search and Destroy to Capture the Flag, etc.

    Why couldn't IW just include these maps with the game lobbies it already had?


    • Battousai 80

      Apparently all is fixed.
      These maps now appear on Ground War as well as other game types.

      it's all good.

  • Zan

    Can't believe people are actually surprised!
    Infinity Ward is known for pulling dumbass moves like this…
    Their hayday is gone..
    Time for you guys to start playing a real FPS (you know, one with actual strategy involved instead of just a twitch game)
    Try Battlefield Bad Company 2… Not perfect, but no game is… Still MUCH better than putting up with Infinity Ward's crap.. At least DICE's problems have been understandable

  • Joke

    Dear Infinity Ward,

    If you think I'm going to buy any DLC from you ever again you are sorely mistaken. You've screwed up just as bad as when they released LFD2 with terrible servers. Congratulations on the 15$ price fee. You got me IW. You got me.

  • Michael

    there okay maps, but as expected their is nothing but camping going on! please for the love of FPS make a map where you cant camp! its rediculous!

  • amy

    are they just for online play

  • neil

    your all geeks get a job and life and a girlfriend unless your all gay

  • do you guys know the release date for the map pack in mw2 ps3 ? how much will it cost ?

  • sandy knox

    ano they do dont they i can join games now but it is taking ages to join them and the new maps are only on the stimulus game mode just now they realy need to sort thereselfs out

  • Zachhhh

    Iw seriously needs to get their act together.

  • Zachhhh

    Iw seriously needs to get their act together.

  • i downloaded by keep getting kicked off of xbox live. the servers must be down? tear …

  • Justin

    i am having the same problem i have been able to play 1 game on salvageand crash other than that it keeps kicking me out saying unable to join game session. I read that by 9pm it will all be working maybe in a couple hours i dont know but this is BS and theres alot of people who are pissed and who even took work off for this release date just to find out we wont be able to play till the next day

  • sandy knox

    ye i spent the money but they will be working soon though so its fine

  • Tattooed_Rob

    Can you only play the new maps in team death match? how about ground war?

  • josh

    do i need to download the new maxck pack t play cod at all ???????

  • sandy knox

    ok i started the update but it wouldnt let me update it

  • yes, it says there is an update available for this game would you like to update now?…when you click yes, it then says unable to download update, check xbl connection. apparently, this means they are actually trying to get the update out there for us so….be patient.

  • j bond

    Calm the f*&^k down everyone,its only a game!! OH MY GOD ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!! STOP YOUR whining!
    you will all be praising and kissing infinity's butt when its all fixed you impatient noobs!

  • chrisiscool

    same here man

  • chrisiscool

    Still no sign of update. any one around GMT time add me for mw2 CAJ89

  • chrisiscool

    Still no sign of update. any one around GMT time add me for mw2 CAJ89

    …….if we ever get to play the new maps!!!

  • Alex

    Is Ananyone else having problems with updating the game? I have just downloaded stimulus package but cant update the game!!!

    • Robert

      yes the map pack has been fully downloaded but the way the game is set up noone can play the maps till the xbox live servers are up and running again the updates are stored there and noone has control over them except microsoft…. -_-

  • Teknyc

    Wtf is going on with iw????

  • Jon

    Yeh i am just downloading them now!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    they will not work because iw did not give an update which they won't be able to give until later today or possibly tommorrow

  • DeeSkum

    Clearly the maps were released before the new title update, which enables the use of them. Very poorly executed for such a "major" release.

    From another Forum

    ! So hang tight and wait for the update ….

  • chrisiscool

    same as chris, the map type in the lobby is all pixelated, any1 else with this problem?

    • dannyt

      yeah i got the same problem , whats going on , how annoying

  • jack

    dosent even work!

  • BioHzrdus

    Yeah, read a comment yesterday that the game was going to come with a community with update to patch and bugfix the One Man Army Perk, and adjust a few tweaks, as well, I assume, to allow everyone to see the Maps. Not sure if they've actually unlocked the maps or not, but no one can play them.

  • NG l Ryaaaaan x

    their out! go on market place all games bros m modern warfare all doownloads and its at the very bottam :D:D: about effin time 😀

  • Chris

    Word on the street is that if it isnt working you need to delete it off of your hard drive and redownload it. Trying now,

  • Gene

    Maps downloaded but unable to play them, UGH!

  • CoreyDy2

    i downloaded them but they dont work ?

  • You all do realise its going to be ages to get them as the whole xbox community is now waiting for them!!! You watch the servers will crash within minutes of them being available

  • Chris

    I’m in Scotland and downloaded the maps, however I can’t play them. They are not showing up in the game….weird?

  • NG l Ryaaaaan x

    right this is stupid? why say we will release them on this time on this date and then fail to do so. iv bin try since 8 oclock this mornin 6 hours later nothing, they have bobbed up bigtime. well done infanaty ward VERY CLEVER.

  • callum


  • callum


  • DeeSkum

    there out in the uk !

  • Steve

    Its out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harley

    The New maps are out !!!! Wooohooo

  • doc

    im in oxford 15% downloaded so they are there 329mb


    maps are live!!!

  • Gazza

    The maps on xbox are out now people. Click on game marketplace, game addons, new arrivals, stimulas map pack!

  • mat jarrett

    There on in the UK for certain YAY Happy Gaming Guys

  • shaun abbott

    downloading now

  • dannyt

    there on baby there on there on there on , yeeee hah!

    • NG l Ryaaaaan x

      where did u find them?

  • TheSoldiersSoul

    thay are on at 8:46 est i am downloading now look under the game section you will find them