Imagine a Verizon iPhone 4G like this? Video

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2010

We have seen so many concepts for the new iPhone 4G, but they all pale in comparison to this video that we have for you below. Apple is limited to what they can do with a design with the current technology available, but with the help of an app, anything is possible. Maybe this is what Verizon has been working on all this time

Phones Review stumbled upon this video, which has been around for some time now. We have to say that this is the best concept video yet – if you love transformers then be prepared to be amazed.

We cannot ever see this iPhone 4G making it to production, but boy would it be nice. If Steve Jobs is watching, all we can say is – try and beat that. The video lasts just 37 seconds, although the iPhone looks like the current 3GS, just wait a few seconds and be prepared to be amazed.

There is nothing more to add, well apart from anything that Apple offer to us now will look rubbish – this would be the ultimate smartphone.

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  • Gulshan Kumar

    Sir plz tell me approx price becoz i want this phone on urgent basis, i will pay some extra money for this phone sooo plz reply me

  • Not Available

    he must have made that on a PC 😉 good work

  • ricardo

    that was beast

  • Jerry J

    Wow! Where can I get that app?

  • Aussie

    how the F did he do that? whatever program he used to edit that video to make it look like the iphone transforms, is some powerful shit!

  • fredy

    Omg kid ur parents must of droped u when u were a baby and ur head just went nuts this is the uglies phone ever.

    • Ryan

      you cant say that. that was sick and your only saying that because you know it is sick