HTC Desire Black Edition: Coming To Orange UK – Twitter

By Jamie Pert - Mar 30, 2010

The HTC Desire seems set to come to almost all UK carriers, however it seems as if Orange UK want to offer something slightly different, they will be offering an exclusive Black Edition of the handset in April.

This was today confirmed on Twitter when ‘conorfromorange’ tweeted this “@kevin_blanchard Yes we will be ranging the HTC Desire from early April…and an exclusive Black Edition from end of April too…tempted?”.

If you are wondering who ‘conorfromorange’ is, he is Orange UK’s PR Manager, as you can see he has not put an official release date on the handset, however it should be available towards the end of April.

Details regarding pricing and a release date are unknown, however most Orange contracts offer handsets for free when you agree a £35 a month contract for 18 months, as we hear more we will keep you informed.

Source: IntoMobile

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