DROID 2.1 Update: Released on Verizon – Do you have it?

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2010

It looks like Verizon owners can breath a sigh of relief – Droid owners that is, as we are hearing reports that Motorola and Verizon are now rolling out the 2.1 Android OS update to customers.

As reported from BGR, you should now start to see notifications about the update, although it is thought that the update may not appear for everyone straight away – but should do before the end of the week.

As you would probably know by now, the update is pretty major and includes a variety of enhancements and improvements.

Live Wallpapers is a new addition, while Pinch-to-Zoom, Free Yahoo Mail and better Google Map support are other key additions.

Head to BGR for the full list. Better late than never, eh Verizon owners? Let us know if you have the update already, or if you are still waiting for the notification.

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  • Cptpcrd1

    No update for me yet……..WTH?

  • jim

    After installing 2.1 the blue tooth sync isn’t working correctly. Works fine first Call subsequently is still paired but no sound comes to headset. Media does not come over either, must turn headset off and back on.

  • pinkmonkey

    A friend got it on Sunday and my mom got it today, but I am still waiting.

  • alex

    Waiting and waiting and still waiting

  • cory

    Still waiting..don't know how to do manually