DozeGuard 1.1: Music app for iPhone or iPod touch

By Gary Johnson - Mar 30, 2010

A useful app for owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch which detects if a person falls asleep while listening to music, has just been updated.

DozeGuard 1.1 allows users listen to their audio files while at the same time monitors whether they are still awake. If the device is not moved by the user after a certain time, the app stops playing the track but remembers the position, and if the same track is selected next time it continues at the same point.

Developed by SEAS, DozeGuard provides buttons to easily pick up the position they were previously listening too. Other features of the app include; displays title artwork, list of music, podcast and book titles, darkens the screen during play, supports US English, Spanish, French and German. Users only have to gently move the device to keep the device playing.

DozeGuard 1.1 is available on the APP Store for only $0.99. A free version is also available DozeGuard Lite, this version will stop after 10 minutes and restricts the size of the selection list to 2 titles. iPhone or iPod Touch required with OS 3.1.3 or later.

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