Apple iPhone: Flash Hero 2.0 App

By Gary Johnson - Mar 30, 2010

Flash Hero 2.0, a clever new app that allows users to make changes to photos which are underexposed, and fix faults to create a stylish result has arrived for users of iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Developed by Asasa Software, this new updated app brings a new approach to the e-flash. Instead of having an auto level filter, Flash Hero uses 3 different algorithms to enhance a picture. Add to these five filters to achieve some great color effects, this app allows users to really enhance a photo. Properly exposed photos can also be enhanced and altered as well.

This new version has an improved easy to use interface, no extra clicks are needed to view an image full size as it fits to screen straight away, with all command buttons fixed in a bottom bar. All the filters are located in a bar on the left of the screen. The five filters included are, invert, greytones, black & white, posterize and sepia.

Flash Hero is on the App Store for only $0.99. iPhone or iPad Touch required with OS 3.0 or later.

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