Adobe Illustrator: Download ArtOptimizer 2.4 for better productivity

By Gary Johnson - Mar 30, 2010

ArtOptimizer 2.4 has been released as a feature update for the workflow automation for Adobe illustrator. Developed by Toronto based Zevrix, the program does away with excess image data of document links and carries out image adjustments, which reduces the size of an illustrator job, thus reducing output time and production costs.

This updated version allows users to process rotated images and improves the user interface. ArtOptimizer saves the user lots of disk space, and cuts cost through faster processing. Images are automatically scaled in Photoshop to match those in illustrator, it also adjusts resolution to the target resolution specified, and then re-imports them back at 100%.

Other features of the program include, merge and delete layers, apply sharpening filters, and automatically convert image colors. Ad agencies, printers and publishing houses can benefit from ArtOptimizer 2.4, speeding up tasks allowing them to achieve more with minimal resources. Zevrix also produces LinkOptimizer, a similar tool to automate image link optimization for Adobe InDesign. Find our recent story on this here.

ArtOptimizer 2.4 is available for $129.95 on the Zevrix website. ArtOptimizer is available for Mac OS X 10.4.2-10.6, a Universal Binary, and works with Adobe Illustrator CS-CS4.

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