2 Apps Ban Texting While Driving: iPhone, Android and others

By Peter Chubb - Apr 3, 2010

There is no denying that texting while driving has become a huge problem, so much so that Barack Obama had banned this towards the end of last year for federal employees. However, there are still those out there who still do it, so a solution was needed. We have found two apps that will ban texting while driving on most cell phones, including the iPhone and Android.

From the two apps, one will kill the SMS function completely, while the other will convert your speech into text and then send it. So let us take a closer look at the two apps.

The first is Textecution for Google Android handsets, although they have been trying to develop a version for the iPhone. The cost of this application is $9.99. This app kills the SMS feature once you travel faster than 10mph.

The second is Mobivox, this uses a voice-activated application, allowing you to speak your message. The software will then convert your speech to text; this will only work if the recipients are in your address book. Both these aim to make driving safer, but the easiest way to do this is by not picking up your cell phone while driving in the first place.

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  • renee

    any for iphone for a teen thanks

  • Eddie

    How stupid, what if your a passenger?

  • Android Designers

    What about Text Bot for Android? It reads text messages aloud and lets you us your voice to respond.

  • Nita

    Everyone should download the DriveSafe.ly download. The download takes no time and I have suggested it to all that i communicate with.

  • Melanie

    Also check out TextArrest (works on Android and BlackBerry) – – an app that prevents texting while driving, but also offers some other slick location/geofencing/speed tracking features through a web-based dashboard. They have a free version (get it here:http://www.textarrest.com) and a family plan for $4.99/month for all the phones in your family that has some extra bells and whistles. But Jonny is right… this shouldn't even be an issue… use common sense!!!

  • Jonny

    This shouldn’t even be an issue!! The app that needs to be applied is the one that should be between your ears!! No text is so important that you need to put human life in danger. Put the phone down and DRIVE!!