WSJ Confirms New iPhone for AT&T and Verizon

By Peter Chubb - Mar 29, 2010

We have heard a number of rumors over the past few months that Apple were working on a new iPhone – 4G / HD or Pro – as well as the hopes of a new Verizon version. However, we have now had the most positive proof yet that a new iPhone is on its way, thanks to a recent report from WSJ.

Engadget reports that the article states that Apple is currently developing a new iPhone to launch this summer, as well as a second model – which could be the Verizon Wireless version. This news certainly confirms all the recent rumors – and if true will give the iPhone platform a much needed boost, considering the onslaught from Android handsets.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the manufacturer of the current iPhone, will make one of the new iPhones. The Verizon model will have to be CDMA capably – Pegatron Technology Corp will make this handset.

As you would assume, no one has made a comment on this latest development – but we have to say that WSJ is the most credible source regarding development of a new iPhone yet.

For more detail visit WSJ

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  • Robz_place

    Total rumor ! Both AT&T and Verizon wont have their 4g networks ready enough till 2011..

    A trusted Apple analyst already said the CDMA iPhones were for China folks ! And also said that Verizon wouldnt get the iPhone, if they did, earliest would be 2011 !

    The only thing true is a new iPhone is coming out for ATT this year.. 2010.

    • Brandon

      oh so glad your a atnt president, a verizon ceo, and an apple representative. where r u gettin your resources? your ass?

      • laughingpixie

        HAHAH. that kinda made me laugh.
        but maybe before you insult @Robz_place.. you should perhaps work on your spelling and grammar. Yes?

  • Shayne

    I only have one concern with Verizon’s CDMA version of the iPhone: will it be capable of utilizing the full potential of Verizon’s new LTE network that’s coming soon? I don’t want to invest in an iPhone over the summer (when it’s most likely to hit Verizon) and then a new network comes out in 2011 that my phone is unable to use. I’ve read rumors that Verizon won’t bother with an iPhone for CDMA, but will dive right in when their new network is available. Advice and/or comments, please?