Verizon Nexus One: Rep adds to release confusion

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2010

We have some more information to give you now, regarding the highly anticipated release of the Nexus One smartphone on Verizon, as a spokesman for the carrier has issued a recent statement, which you may want to pay attention to.

The guys over at EWeek pressed Verizon for comment on the whole Nexus One saga, and a spokesman for the carrier replied with a somewhat confusing response.

His exact words were: “Update? We’ve never said we were selling the Nexus One. Nothing has changed.” This seems rather odd to us – I mean are they REALLY trying their best to frustrate their loyal customers with comments such as this?

We know the Nexus One is definitely coming to Verizon, as Google has it listed on their product page here. I think it may be time for some solid answers before Verizon customers lose patience and head to another carrier.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Mr. Brett

    I know apple is beginning to have a problem with google, i wonder if verizon is too for some reason.

  • matthew

    I agree that Verizon is being a bit obtuse, but, technically, they're telling the truth. Verizon will not sell the Nexus One…Google will.

    Personally, I think Verizon is missing out on an opportunity to build buzz around the Incredible, Nexus One, and a 2.1 update for the Droid. People are clamoring for it online, yet Verizon seems content with radio silence. Not a good strategy IMHO, particularly in this day of social media. A lot of people are ready to jump ship because of Verizon's "let 'em wait" approach.