Toyota’s Top Secret Tundra’s

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 29, 2010

Toyota’s Tundra pickup was never the most exiting vehicle even after its redesign in 2007, but according to a source for AutoBlog the Japanese automotive giant has a plan to release two special performance versions to bring some excitement to the range.

A Street-only version is the first with lowered suspension, up rated brakes package and 22-inch rims to finish the whole hard-as-nails look. To back these looks up Toyota will bolt a supercharger to up the power to just over 500 horsepower. For those that like to play (I have my hand up at this point) a Competition Mode would be available to switch off the factory stability control with one gentle touch.

Next up is the off-road ready Tundra with independent rear suspension based on Toyota’s full-size SUV the Sequioa. Expected to gain long-travel suspension it would be a popular choice for those that would normally go for Ford’s brilliant SVT Raptor.

Unfortunately now your appetites have been whetted, Toyota has reportedly pulled the plug on both projects due to the Tundra’s history of not reaching the manufacturers expectations. So the question is why would Toyota make all these plans to then get cold feet?


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