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T-Mobile Customer Service: Among Highest in U.S.

When it comes to 3G wireless networks, T-Mobile offers its customers one of the best services in the U.S., but things are about to get even better for them as the carrier prepares to upgrade to HSPA+. This is the year when T-Mobile begins work on improving its wireless data network – something that is needed with newer smartphones coming to the market.

T-Mobile was on hand at the recent CTIA Wireless event where they were showing off Americas fastest 3G wireless network. The carrier also announced plans to launch its High Speed Packet Access Plus technology, which we mentioned above.

T-Mobile expects to have HSPA+ across the whole of its 3G network by the end of 2010 – covering more than 185 million customers. There is no denying that T-Mobile treats its customers well, this is certainly evident by trying to give them a much better mobile wireless data service.

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