Sony PS3 Update 3.21: Linux Support Removed

By Peter Chubb - Mar 29, 2010

The upcoming Sony PS3 3.21 firmware update is causing a bit of a stir, as there are plans for Linux support to be removed. Those with a new PlayStation 3 Slim have never had the option to install the Linux OS so will not miss anything.

Sony said that the firmware update due to go live on April 1 has been developed to try and combat potential software piracy. This means that not having the Install OS feature will help to provide a more stable system – something that all gamers want.

It is not just Linux that will be the only feature missing from Sony PS3 Update 3.21, more on this can be found at IGN. Do not worry, Sony are to offer a number of new features, so this update is all about – out with the old and in with the new.

Do you think that the removal of Linux will be a major problem, or is it something that will not be missed?

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  • martin

    mine took 2 hours to get to 50% i left it and an hour later i noticed my ps3 had turned it self of but when i put it back on it said the download had failed so how am i supposed to go online now?????

  • indiana

    hey the update is taking way too long for me??? it not suposed to be…is this hapeening to other plp also

  • Blobby

    BLOBBY SMASH!!!!!!!!