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New iPhone 4G Delay: Androids and Low Expectations Blamed

Rumors are surfacing that the release of the new iPhone 4G could be delayed, and is being blamed by the onslaught of Androids and low expectations. The recent announcement of a new range of Google Android handsets – such as the HTC EVO 4G has not done the 2010 iPhone any favors.

There is now a worry that the iPhone 4G will not be able to live up to its high expectations – rumors suggest that Apple has shelved its current plans of its smartphone and started work on a newer better design – in looks and hardware.

We know that the iPhone 4G will not be capable of offering 4G speeds; this is because AT&T do not have the facilities in place at he moment. The 4G was meant to stand for the 4th-generation of the Apple iPhone.

There are also worries that the new iPhone would not come with Samsung’s AMOLED display, as they have extended their contract with LG. OzCarGuide is not certain if the LG screens will be as good as Samsung’s – if not then we will not be able to look forward to HD quality.

Do you believe these latest round of rumors, or is it just another story to try and build the anticipation up?



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