Motorola DROID: 2.1 Release date – Update on delay

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2010

We wonder what it must feel like for Motorola DROID owners on Verizon right now. After countless delays of the Android OS update to 2.1, many of you are probably debating whether it is going to come at all.

Thankfully though, we have a update to give you on the situation now, although it is not really the news you would hope to hear from either Motorola or Verizon.

However, over on Motorola’s official Facebook page, they have left a rather lengthy message to users, ultimately telling everyone that the update ‘is taking longer than expected’.

The disappointing thing though, is that we still have no date on when the update will be available – we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more – give us your thoughts on this.


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  • Craig Bourassa

    Hello i just recived the 2.1 update and yes it does has issues trust me i would have waited to updat it if i knew this shit ahead

  • Frank

    Typical attitude of the spoiled ME generation – Go pick up an iPhone, move to AT&T…Heck…Move to Cricket – I'm pretty sure *nothing* will ever make you kind of spoiled, self center jagoffs happy.

  • pissed off

    Why is Europe and asia already getting 2.1 if there's a bug in it. That's bullsh%$. There can't be any bugs. I'm getting tired of being lied to. I was told when i bought this phone the update is already being put out with flash. I want flash 10.0 on my phone, I'm sick of not being able to see every web site. YouTube on the Droid sucks. I want to watch stuff on hulu. I don't care about the lame features like live wallpapers and 3d junk. Give me my yahoo mail and more home screens, most of all give me flash.

    • Barry

      Europe's phone is GSM, Verizon's is CDMA. This may require slightly different tweaks to the software. Or possibly Verizon realizes that bluetooth doesn't work very well on any Android phone and is fixing this issue. Think of the lawsuit if a Droid owner like me, who traded from a Verizon Moto e815 to the Droid only to discover the Droid doesn't work with my car's built-in bluetooth when the e815 did. I'm pretty sure Verizon could be liable for selling a phone that doesn't work with bluetooth if anyone gets into an accident fiddling with bluetooth that they were counting on.

      I don't understand the level of anger over 2.1. Annoyance I can understand but it is not as if we don't have a Smart phone that overall works quite well. I could understand if your phone didn't work at all but, ever since the 2.0.1 update even the poor initial call quality was massively improved. The Droid is a blast and the speaker is much better than on the Nexus 1, allowing me to use it as a clock radio at night as well with the media dock. Very cool.

  • james

    Its just an update,its not like your phone isn't going to work until it comes out.if they had released it last week,and there were problems,you would all be complaining about how they shouldn't have released it and you wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer if it meant the update was good.I'm happy enlough with my droid that I'm npt going to go running to att just because my phone doesn't have pinch to zoom,which I tried on google maps and it wasn't that great anyway.everyone needs to just calm down,because at the end of the day,ots just a cell phone

  • Mark

    I have had the Droid since the day it came out and am happy with it. The 2.1 OTA will be nice when it comes, but the Droid is already a great device using 2.0.1. If there are specific functions a Droid user wants and doesn’t want to wait for the 2.1 OTA to get them, then the user is free to search amongst the numerous apps and mods to find something that does what the user wants. While it is disappointing that the update has been announced and delayed a couple times, it is not something that will cause you to become born again when you finally receive it. For those of you threatening defection, go for it! (sarcasm on)The iPhone/AT&T combo is absolutely perfect and has never had nor will it ever have ANY issues or disappointment experienced by their customers 

  • maxwell

    actually the update has been released to i believe 250,000 handsets and they are doing it in waves for some reason. its verizon that is slow with releasing updates because they test it hardcore before a full release. motorola has nothing to do with it at this point as far as I know

  • PPat

    At least verizon can give us date to announce release date of 2.1. Just to plan my custom rom upgrade accordingly

  • Disgusted

    I'm to the point that I don't even care anymore. I am done with the Droid because of this and just waiting for the next decent Verizon product to come along.

  • ray

    Motorola has once again disappointed many. poor customer service. Verizon also has poor customer service. I called verison to see when the update was coming out and I was told it was already out. what's the deal with the lies. not one person has the update yet. I'm highly thinking about going to the iPhone now.

  • darwin

    I once told myself I would never buy another Motorola product again. That's how much I disliked the RAZR. And now this insanity? This is the nail in the coffin.

  • jhworth

    Having been in the software business, it is better to get it right than to rush something into production. A bad release does far more damage to trust and brand equity than a delayed release that is good. I like my Droid and am looking forward to the upgrade but am willing to wait if it means that it works properly the first time.

  • philip

    Y'all are retards… this is old news. Don't post old news…

    • Lol thanks for last weeks news.

    • RobotFresh

      Don't post comments to old news. Stop being a douche, life is so much better that way.