Microsoft’s Project Natal is a glorified PS Eyetoy

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2010

What would you say if we told you that Sony could of had the technology seen in Project Natal, but decided in the end not to pursue it further? We have an interesting article for you to read now, which explains about this in detail.

The article comes from Playstation Lifestyle, who have given a full analsis of the recent tech demo of Playstation Move from Sony’s Dr. Richard Marks, seen at the last Engadget Show.

The tech for Project Natal has been worked on by Israeli company 3DV Systems – who are now owned by Microsoft. It turns out that Sony had the opportunity to work with them, but chose not to.

At the end of their article, they also make the claim that Project Natal could just turn out to be a ‘glorified Playstation EyeToy’ – which we all know is PS2 tech.

Do you agree with this or not? Read the article in full above and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Oliver

    Yes it should read could have, as could of doesn't make sense. Wonder what was 'fixed'

  • Ryan

    It really depends on if Microsoft is able to deliver on all the things they are claiming Natal can do and how well it can do them. I think people are reading too much into Sony and Nintendo passing on this technology. Things like this happen all the time. Pretty much everyone who has seen Natal has been impressed with it, even though work still needs to be done on it. Microsoft obviously saw the potential Natal has and took advantage of it, where Sony and Nintendo did not, or did not want to deal with the development (cost) that was needed. We will soon find out which of these companies made a big mistake.

  • Adam

    Grammatical error in the first sentence.

    • Cheers for that Adam, fixed.

      • Adam

        Should it read "could have" instead of "could of"?

        Legitimately not a big deal, and I hate coming off like a grammar nazi.
        However, just thought I'd put it out there.