Mass Effect 3: Uses Unreal Engine 3 – Is it good enough?

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2010

Following on from the recent announcement of Mass Effect 3 last week, Epic has confirmed that the upcoming game will once again make use of the Unreal Engine 3 – What are your thoughts on this?

As reported from VG247, Mark Rein made his comments in a recent interview with Develop. He explained how the engine will help the team create an ‘immersive third-person perspective’ for the game, while EA also gave their backing behind the move.

When asked about the game engine, EA’s David DeMartini had this to say: ”We’re continually pleased with how they keep their game engine technology competitive, which helps us deliver the excellent quality games that EA customers expect.”

But as an EA customer, how do you feel about this? Are you a fan of Unreal Engine 3, or do you feel they should be pushing the boundaries with a completely new engine?

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  • Paulie

    I've got no problems with the Unreal engine… Unreal is freakin' legendary either way 🙂
    so what if they make ME3 w/ Unreal Engine, its not entirely true that " Better graphics make a better game"

  • Absolutely not! As a huge fan of the series, I do not want to wait several more years to reach the conclusion of the trilogy, The Unreal 3 engine continues to improve, and Bioware continues to become more accustomed to the technology every time they release a new game. A new engine for the next generation of consoles to be sure, but for the current gen, continue to refine and improve a winning formula.