iPhone 4G Release Date: Will it be predictable?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 29, 2010

On June 28th the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will begin, many believe that at this event Apple will finally release details regarding their rumored iPhone 4G.

At previous WWDC shows Apple have used the event to announce details regarding upcoming iPhones, MacBooks, iPhone OS versions and much more, therefore it seems very likely that Apple will make a huge announcement at WWDC 2010.

Now that the Apple iPad has been announced there is only really one rumored Apple device which consumers are eager to see, this is the iPhone 4G, if this is not announced then perhaps we will see details regarding iPhone OS 4.0.

The Apple iPhone 3GS was announced at WWDC 2009 (June 8th – June 10th), and then less than two weeks later the handset was readily available from AT&T, perhaps the iPhone 4G announcement and release will replicate last year’s 3GS release pattern

Many experts believe that Apple are in the need of a new smartphone, this is mainly because recently released smartphones such as the Google Nexus One and HTC Desire are seriously competing for the smartphone top spot. If Apple do not release the iPhone 4G in the summer perhaps their marketshare will significantly drop.

Apple is known for being both silent about their product launches, and also predictable at the same time. So it would be normal for us to expect the fourth generation iPhone this year, but what about the release date?

Do you think that Apple will announce the iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010? If so, when will it be available from a U.S. carrier?

Looking at the last 3-years we could take a guess, but do you expect Apple to be predictable in 2010?

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