iPhone 4.0 and 4G Video: Rumour shows widescreen display

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 29, 2010

With the iPhone 4.0 still unofficial, a new rumour has come to light in regards to a possible widescreen for watching your videos.

A new online video has appeared that shows what could be the front screen on the new mobile. The pictures from the online leak show what is supposedly the new iPhone 4.0 next to an iPhone 3G, and if they are anything to go by the 4.0 will be narrower and longer which hopefully means it will be thinner.

If this is the case then the iPhone 4.0 would be able to play original aspect television and movies on a possible 16:9 display rather than the 3:2 on the current iPhone. With a display like this the new iPhone 4.0 would be ideal for you movie lovers, but could make web browsing abit harder.

For all of you waiting for the release of the new iPhone is a widescreen display high on your wish lists?

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