iPad gets Flash Converted to HTML 5 with Brightcove

By Peter Chubb - Mar 29, 2010

With the Apple iPad just days away from shipping there is still one thing that could stop it becoming one of the best products that the iPhone maker has ever launched – the lack of Flash. We know that Apple hates the player and much prefers HTML 5, but most sites do not offer support for that just yet.

It is no secret that the iPhone does not have Flash support, but not to do this on the iPad tablet device could be a huge mistake. Many of us do not notice the absence of Flash on the iPhone, but the larger screen on the iPad will certainly be noticed.

However, TechCrunch questions whether the player will be missed, the reason being is that websites are already adapting. You only have to look at videos powered by Brightcove, if it detects an iPad, then it will stream an HTML 5 video player.

We know that HTML 5 cannot do all the things that Flash can do, but the former has so much more to offer on a business side. Most video platforms will eventually support HTML 5; YouTube has already started doing so.

Do you think that the lack of Flash Player support will affect the iPad?

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