HTC Desire: T-Mobile release date delayed

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2010

We have some disappointing news for all of you looking to pick up the HTC Desire on T-Mobile in the UK, as we are hearing reports that the release has been delayed until sometime next week.

That’s according to this article from Pocket-Lint, who have managed to get hold of T-Mobile for comment regarding the delay.

T-Mobile has now stated that they are unable to say when orders will ship to customers, as demand for the HTC Desire has been extremely high. They did however say that next week things should start to be moving again – so at least that is something.

Pretty disappointing for all of you planning to pick one up today though – let us know your thoughts on the news.

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  • Chris

    Wish we could get this phone here in the states… looks like the best phone on the t-mobile network so far…

  • I had my Desire on T-Mobile delivered on Saturday First Class Registered. Loving it.

  • Kermagod

    Not an entirely true article. Ordered mine Friday gone, got it by Saturday morning. Amazing Phone.

    • Check the user comments, as you seem to be one of the first to actually have the phone already – the majority do not.

  • Adam

    I am an Independant retailer for TMobile and am getting stock tomorrow. 30/3/2010

  • Tim

    I had planed to go and pick it up today but was told it would not be available until the middle of next week.

    not happy

  • Tom

    Same in central London 🙁
    But I went in a Carphone Warehouse and they told me they should receive 5 of them today! I'll check later!

  • Tom

    Same in central London!
    But I went in a Carphone Warehouse and they told me they should receive 5 today… hopefully!

  • Edward

    The T-mobile store here in Canterbury told me they won't be available until after the bank holiday 🙁