Google Chrome Web Browser: Unhackable at Pwn2Own 2010

By Jamie Pert - Mar 29, 2010

Four days ago we posted an article reporting just how tough it was for hackers to successfully exploit Google’s Chrome web browser, we have now heard that no hacker had success attempting to hack Google Chrome at the recent Pwn2Own contest.

The Pwn2Own contest hackers are rewarded cash prizes for hacking web browsers etc, this is very useful for developers as they can then patch up the vulnerabilities revealed during the contest.

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Safari were all hacked with relative ease, however GooglesChrome web browser was ‘unhackable’ for the second year running.

To be honest the whole Pwn2Own contest was great for Google, not only was their web browser unhackable but also their Android OS was too secure for hackers to exploit, in comparison Apple iPhone OS and Safari web browser were hacked with relative ease.

I am sure that Google will use this newly found information to their advantage, therefore don’t be too surprised if you see related Google Chrome ads posted across the web, perhaps they will read “Google Chrome, The Unhackable Web Browser”.

If you would like to give Google Chrome a go you can download it here, for more information check out the link below.

Source: ZDNet

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  • alphacintaor

    Google Maps using Chrome becomes fast, especially with mobile broadband. Internet Explorer is not faster than Chrome. I think Chrome uses slim font for quicker response.