Google Android OS: Market Share Increasing at Apple’s Expense

By Jamie Pert - Mar 29, 2010

With all of the Google Android-based smartphone releases lately it is no surprise to see that their global marketshare is growing, however it is a slight shock to see that since November 09 Apple’s marketshare has dropped pretty significantly.

If you look at the global smartphone operating system marketshare in November 2009 you will see that Apple’s iPhone OS held 54% of the market, whereas Android only held a share of 16%, however 3 months later these figures showed quite a large change.

In February 2010 Apple’s iPhone OS’s share had dropped to 50%, whereas Google’s Android OS had jumped to 24%, also over the last month there have been quite a few Android OS-based handsets released, therefore these figures will probably be even more impressive for Google today.

If you check out the smartphone market in the U.S. alone things are a lot closer, statistics suggest that the iPhone OS’s marketshare only has a 2% advantage over Android, perhaps Android will soon overtake iPhone OS and become the U.S.’s number one smartphone OS (in terms of marketshare).

To find out fully detailed information along with a few interesting charts check out the link below.

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  • I’m a big fan of Android – I’m tapping this out on my Nexus One right now – but I think your numbers for actual global marketshare are off. While the iPhone might be responsible for 50% of mobile web-requests, it didn’t account for half of sales (by unit or dollars), globally, for November. Symbian and RIM’s Blackberry both outsold the iPhone, and both have a larger installed base. Android sales in the U.S. actually are on par with the iPhone, at least until Apple releases 4.0, but in total marketshare (eg, total devices in use) Android is still catching up.