Call of Duty 7: Black Ops – Your ideas for Zombie mode?

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2010

We have some fantastic news for gamers who loved Call of Duty: World at War – as we have a potential name for the next game in the series, as well as a confirmation that the fan-favourite zombie mode will be returning.

As reported from VG247, the game is set to be called ‘Call of Duty 7 – Black Ops’, and not ‘Vietnam’ as previously thought. The game will take place in various times in history and will once again be developed by Treyarch.

All this info has apparently coming from an ‘Activision insider’, maybe its the ex-guys from Infinity Ward – that would be amusing.

What are your thoughts on this – more importantly, a return for zombie mode! What are your ideas for it, what weapons, environments, gameplay would you like to see?


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  • Kenny Teter

    i think there should be doulweald rayguns, wunnderwaffe DG2S and doulweald thunderguns    also i think you should be abele to create a specol gun that cost 5,000 dallers and hidden room that hase all perks box and pack a punched box

  • Double D

    the ashes dissaper after like 10 sec.

  • Double D

    like a light black

  • Double D

    I think they should make a new gun that looks like the ray gun but a little darker called the poof gun when you shoot them they poof into dust and when its upgraded they poof into ashes that the other zombies die when they walk throught it they die like insta kill

  • Big T

    Treyarch should make a map that goes along with Brians idea (coal mines and workers that help u), but u hav to protect the worker from zombies. Instead, of hellhound, pent. thief, or space monkey round, there would be 3 blue and green eyed zombies (overloaded with element 115 in their system) that were extra fast+strong. It would be impossible to die, but every time u would get hit, uwould get a little slower and lose 70$ for the next round. Lets say to kill one it would take about a clip and a third of the ray gun. When you kill them all, mini random boxes would show up out of each zombie body and u take the one that u want the most and show- 2x points, insta kill, death mach., 2x time wit death mach., nuke,  or even 350$ sale to buy any perk but would only have 30 seconds to do it, etc. Then, at one point far in the map there will be a medium sized cemetery u rise out of. The pack a punch would be in an unrealistic humongous coffin which all players would turn tiny until everyone has upgraded at least one gun, if they could. It is like u would be forced to upgrade a gun if u had 5000 or over if u were in the coffin. The coffin would have the phrase “George Romero was here too,” written all over the insides of the coffin. The easter egg song would be extra-terrestial (my personal favorite song right now) by katy perry+kanye west. This would be an awesome 5 star zombie map. What do you think guys?

  • Brian

    I think that they should make another new zombies map where u can fight the zombies in large mines and progress to different levels of the mines. Each level you progress you save a mine worker and that mine worker is able to assist you.

  • zombie map maker

    Remember, every cod zombie map has somthing different. Kino is normal. 5 is neat and lighted. It features the pentagon theif and new types of transportation, elevator and new teleporters. You have to set DEFCONS to activate the Pack A Punch. Dead ops arcade is way different. birds eye view, no ammo on a machine gun, all different. Ascension has a new begining where you see the map. Everything is black and white untill the power is on. New transport, the lunar launchers. You have to ride them all to launch the rocket to get to the pack a punch. I havent seen call of the dead much, but there's a new boss, wonder weapons, new easter egg new weapon, freezing waters, moving PaP, ziplines, flingers, etc.

  • zombie map maker

    Like "5", there should be a modern type place like the pentagon. its not dark or destroyed like kino or ascension,nits neat and orginized. there should be a hospital one. think about this, (to make zombie more of a challange for those lvl 30+ people who get bored), when you get a crawler, the crawler can get to a wheelchair, climb on, and be back to it's regular speed.Any ways, there should be a slote machine that cost "7500" points and what it is, there are 3 slotes. you spin them. slot #1 gives you a random gun. #2 gives you a random power-up, and the last one is a random perk-a-cola. it the same as it always is, the perk only last untill your di=owned or dead, i forgot, and the power-up for the limited time it gives you. new "WONDER WEAOPNS" i made up one a while ago. it's a Nova 6 gas shooter, works like a flamethrower attachment, but shoots N6. it has 10 sets of 100 N6 or 1000 gas ammo like the Flame thrower attachment. it cant kill Nova crawlers. PaP is the Nova 7. it has 20 sets of 200 or 4000 gas ammo. it has quicker, wider, and farther spary it can kill those crawlers but they're more harder to kill.

  • Geordie

    idea 1 you should make it so that if you pay 500 to open a door you can pay 1000 to close the door again
    idea 2 *SPOILER ALERT* you need to make the gurch machine more of a part of the storyline because the machine leads to samanthas dimension and lets yuller i think out of it when you do what he asks you to do and then samantha screams and turns the colour blac and white again for a scond i think that if you run through the gurch machine you should get a chance to kill samantha and end the hereos suffering at her hands and yes to find out all this i have been researching easter eggs and the story behind the game

    those are my ideas

  • zombie map maker

    i have some ideas for cod zombies

    1. have new perks like rhino run (x2 walk and run)
    2. you should have different trasportation. my idea is (for 1500 pts) a truck. you buy it and you go on it, shooting zombies.
    3. instead of turning on the power, there should be parts missing and you have to locate them to turn on the pack-a-punch.
    4. there should be a round mystery box in the middle of a circular room.
    My zombie map ideas are…

    1. burger town. Nacht der untote size
    2. zombie jungle. Ascension size
    3. a map based on WMD. Ascension size
    4. a school. x2 Ascension size

    mabey new zombies like…

    zombie jaguars for zombie jungle
    a zombie ingected with element 115.(powerful and strong zombie).
    mabey more freedom you know? like everywhere you go, it so small with barriers. they should add more open fields or ranges.

    those are all my ideas

  • jack

    simple 10'000 points for 3 guns

    10'000 points to dual wield

    more perks

    better maps

    new weapons

  • adam

    their should be a mode where you have to complete objectives and stuff to escape and win.

  • adam

    maybe their should be a mode where you should complete objestives and stuff to escape and win.

  • trav

    Imagine playing zombies online 2 player but instead of having split screen but you could connect you ps3/xbox to a screen using a hdmi splitter but have a whole screen to yourself but still from the same console

  • Dr Skeptiezmo!

    black ops should make an extension on ascension with an 8 player co-op, with the 4 original characters (dempsy, takeo, nikoli, and dr ricktofen and also the four characters from the map five. 4 of the characters will be split up into the original side of ascension and the new side of ascension. only when the power is put on both sides will the be united!!!! also make a perk machine were you are able to uprage a perk and make it better also as well as space mankeys have the dead little girl come and target one of the 8 players, like the pentagon thief and can either steal a perk a gun or sometimes kill you all to gether leaving you with nothing if you succesfully kill her with out her doin any of this you get a 90 secons firesale that makes the packapunch machine 1000 and mystery box 10 and every thing else half price.

  • idris johnson

    add a GOD DAMN map editor!

  • idris johnson

    On call of duty zombies the little girl who got killed should show herself and you have to face her. instead of buying map packs you earn your way to new zombie maps and EVERY GUN in the game should be AVAILABLE in nazi zombies under every command. The pack a punch should allow you to get 1 perk, 1 attachment, and 1 free machine perk. The DEATH MACHINE should be available in the random box

  • Nahjir Johnson

    more than 2 players offline. 2 is an easy kill

  • Nahjir Johnson

    there should be a perk machine. 3 slots. 1 pull and you get 3 random perks. random perk 1, random perk 2 and random perk 3

  • Joe

    I think that you should be able to buy ammo for upgraded guns from the pack "o" punch so that if you get an excellent gun like the ray gun from the random box you will be able to buy more ammo for it as it will never be on the wall to purchase, you should also be able to hit the zombies with your gun or throw it at them if u have no ammo left for that gun and you should also be able to kick zombies so if there is one last crawler left from that round you can have a laugh kicking the zombies head in LOL 😀

  • snaker1323

    -it could be in a farm
    -maybe a new character or two
    -more than just 4 player zombies
    -dont lose points when ur teammates die
    -takeo could use his sword
    -more guns and gun attachments ex:flamethrower
    -a double points perk
    -maybe kill streaks like 100 kills for a UAV for finding thoes last crawlers

  • kieran

    I think you should make a ( Perk-a-punch) to upgrade your perks for 5000 points or a ammo machine for guns that you can only recive for the random box for 2500 points and final idea was when you die on kino der toten its people watching a film in the theatre then has your round survied on it and also says The end for the film on the cinema screen (Please Add Dr Hawkings anyone welcome)

  • kieran

    I think you should make a ( Perk-a-punch) to upgrade your perks for 5000 points or a ammo machine for guns that you can only recive for the random box for 2500 points and final idea was when you die on kino der toten its people watching a film in the theatre then has your round survied on it and also says The end for the film (Please Add Dr Hawkings anyone welcome)

  • JAY

    i think the map should be called Ende der Zeit (end of time) and it should be set in an apocalyptic future and the zombies should be more advanced.the guns should be..
    .t9 harvester it should shoot out a bolt of energy that kills any zombies in its path.
    .gersch device this bomb opens up a black hole that drags zombis into and doesnt affect the player.
    i also have a new perk calld phd flopper and basicly when you dive it sets of an explosion so if you dive in the middle of alot of zombies they die and yet again doesnt affect the player and by the way…these are future weapons and devices and i know cus i work for treyarch thnxs and bye

  • kindred

    and making it so u can put down a tamperarly invincible zombie barrer to stop them for 60 sec or so

  • kindred

    i think thay should have somthing like musem

  • Jordan

    Trayarch, do my Zombies idea, i now have 200+ people that agree its a good idea! plus it is copyrighted to me 😀

  • Jordan

    With the vending machines, such as "double tap root beer" and "speed cola" get one for a gas mask for the nova gass but make it 5k or somthing, i die som many times cos i cant see because of the nova gas on kino while im shooting them.

  • Shayne

    some map ideas for zombies are

    – Russian Battlefield Cemetery

    – A condemed school

    – An infected hospital

    – An abanded warehouse

  • Shayne

    maybe they can make there own type of zombies like left 4 dead and take the regular people (nikolai and others) and maybe have there own have a storyline to complete and have zombies vs survivers and its a hidden gem that turns that turns u into a type of unstoppable god for 2 minutes and maybe a new map pack in a catacomb and maybe a chick magnet perk and u can have a perk for a pegasus (a flying horse) to invade a large horde of zombies and special infected

  • Ronnie Harper

    I think on call of duty black ops you should be able to upgrade twice an it makes you gun stronger an changes its features and also i thinkyoushould be able to buy like other perks.
    Also you should be able to buy weapon attatchments like sights and key gun an flamethrowers.
    give the game more guns an you can create your own person to the way you want him to be.
    and bring some guns back like the type 99 and type 100 to the newer version i think the older guns in a newer game would be cool and make something like the ray gun but its a machine gun that shoots ray gun bullets but other than that the game is the shit.

  • kalvin

    ok here would be a good ideas for a map pack,

    a big prison where after openining about 4 doors would leed to outside the sombies could come through prison cells and over gates

    a BIG airport well i just thaught of this yesterday but i can imagine it all ive thaught of is mabe you could go into a plane after a few doors??

    reply if you agree or disagree

  • cool

    there should be a zombie hitler

  • TAYLOR758


  • koty

    ok. my idea is actually staying in WW2 era mostly:
    instead of dempsey, u can be roebuck,
    instead of richtofen, general amsel,
    instead of takeo, that japan guy at the begining of cod 5 that puts the ciggarette in mans face,
    and instead of nikolai, u should have (my favorite) srgt reznov (even tho he dies in BO)

    also what u should bring back:

    PaP, double tap, juggernog, quickrevive, traps, speed cola, transporters,zombie theifs, nova 6 zombies, normal zombies, and dog zombs.
    it could be the hardest map of all,

    what u should bring in:

    more players (at least 8 people in all) (it would b cool if u could be nikolai, dempsey, richtofen, takeo, reznov, roebuck, amsel, and that japan guy i mentioned earlier. if not, u should choose which american, japan man, german, or russain u could b)

    much more bigger maps,

    also, u can have 4 people zombies and 4 alives and try to kill the zombies,

    every 20 rounds or so, a HUGE zombie about as big as the asylum that u have to kill, or maybe a hitler zombie,

    the place/ setting is vendetta after everyone abandons it (b/c of zombies) after war


    all weapons in cod 5 plus:
    thunder gun,
    that winter gun thing
    and i was thinking a gun that teleports the zombies at least 5-10 feet away so u can reload if it gets too close (u dont have to put that in)

    also u could have a famous zombie round (hitler zombie, amsel zombie, dr. maxis zombie, samantha zombie, fluffy and blondie zombie dogs,)

    also maybe u could find (if ur REALLY good) a very secret room which brings u to a messed up teleporter and if u use it, u can teleport JFK, fidel castro, nixon, and that other guy to u to help u for the next 2 rounds and then dissapear, or very rarely u can teleport to "five" and help those four (JFK, castro, etc.) and after ur with those 4 for about 2-3 rounds, u go back to the map im thinking of ( the one im talking about rite now) and after u use the messed up teleporter, it move to another very secret room like the mystery box in verruckt.

    oh and one more thing. there could be a teleporter where if u use it, it brings u to either:

    Nacht der untoten (1st one)
    shi no numa
    der reise
    kino deruntoten
    or "five"

    i think it would be pretty cool to go to another map for a few rounds.

  • CoolS

    Have like 20 zombie maps. MORE CHOICES! please 🙂

  • IDeas

    make it able for 5 players. and up to 4 players splitscreen for those who dont have xbox live or want to play with there local friends. larger maps. few different zombie style maps. like a level where you travel from building to streets then to a giant building which you have to travel up to get to the chopper but make it very hard.

  • mathew wiswell

    how about a game where there are MASSIVE maps where there are air-fields, small towns and a main large city in the middle. and you can choose to be dropped off by a plain (paricute) or helecopter. You can fly all sorts of different planes, helecopters, bombers and drive cars, rucks, tanks, boats…and meny meny more! and YOU can custome your own vehicle (plane, car…etc) and design your very own map which can be published and played on by anyone on multiplayer.

  • mathew wiswell

    it would be awsome if u could upgrade the walls/windows where the zombies break in to (e.g.from wood to re-enforced wood to metal..etc) And mabe a bear trap which makes the zombie in to a legless zombie and the trap can be re-set (but for a price e.g.$250 or $500) Also mabe a riot sheild but one with spices on it.

  • Aaron

    Add some type of shop that you have to pay to open up. In the shop you could buy attachments for your gun. Or maybe you could buy the power ups for use. Nuke, instant kill, max ammo. These could be purchased for use. Also trade your knife for a hammer which could still kill zombies but would allow faster window boarding.

    • mathew wiswell

      nice idea, and you should be able to unlock new guns with your money buy them and upgrade them. you should also be able to strat the round when YOUR ready by pressing back (xbox 360) or select (ps3)etc…

  • paul flores

    treyarch should make a zombie level on black ops that takes place in a snowy setting…it would be something new and they could probably tie it in to the story behind nazi zombies…another idea is a level in a city where you could roam the streets and go into building for cover and stuff… treyarch if your reading this plz take my advice… thank you

  • Callum

    Dudes ur all noobs games out now n its friken awsome u should get it oh n all ur ideas for zombies suck anow it out u should be gobed smack with it as its awsome simpel

  • betterlucknexttime

    4 player split screen next time what a missed opportunity

  • i hate arabs

    new startigies and more maps and maybe give the zombies a story line like nazi zombies

  • zombie land

    we need the monkeys pack a punch ray gun wunderwaffle and more powerfull weapons and we need a map in the jungle and if you get dogs they should pick up the monkeys and run around with it XD you should also get killstreaks and larger maps 🙂



  • Here is a list of things I would like to see on the new zombie mode
    1. a variety of different zombies (A butcher maybe?)
    2. other perks 3 weapons, marathon from MW2, attachments for your guns(Scopes, FMJ, akimbo, extended mags) And extra ammo perks a cola machines
    3. Multiple random weapon boxes
    4. up to 4 players on a single console (Becuase my bro fights with my friend about turns)!!!
    5. Defend a city mode.
    6. create a map mode'
    7. let us pllay music on our ps3's in-game
    8. option to play as zombies
    9. sentry guns, care packages (to buy them for so many points), dogs of your own.
    10. More open maps.
    11. Grappling hooks to attach zombies to stuff.
    12. old guns in one random weapon box, new guns in another random weapon box
    13. Finally, Sniper points on the map and turrets that you pay to use.

    • mathew wiswell

      you should be able to buy music/songs/tracks on the game (for free or $50 game points) and if not you should be able to choose the music. And you should be able to choose what your character looks like sounds like and what weapons you start with (you should be able to buy them for $500-$2500 game points)

  • Cant wait

    First of all every1, no matter what they do it will be freakin awsome! I highly doubt they will have big boss it wud b gay anywaz. Include a few unique guns such as ray, and have up to 8 players. Cause 16 wud get out of control (every1 waiting for a random gun) and it would become overcrowded. I think 8 wud b a gud number but i dont think they will change it unless zombie changes from slit screen cause u cant have 8 player split screen on one tv unless the online version of zombies is a different set up and alows 8 players. Also two player campaign wud b sick as well but doubt they will change but i hope they do anywaz! Add me on x_Meat_Pistol_x

  • unknown

    ya know i think u shud be loud to like unlock lock things like ghille suoits and like have an option on like wut ur guy looks like in stead of haveing it chosen for you and i think there shud be bigger seliction of rifles and sub guns not jus adding a couple guns and also it think it shud be made more relisticer not havein to put a whole mag in sum noob then him killin ya

  • James

    why the hell does mw2 shit perks etc always have to come into zombies! MW2 is a pos all modern warfare games are shit ww2 games are ftw. My idea is say there was 4 buildings with helipads and you change between each one but you have like a 10 sec warm up timr

  • bob marley

    it would make sense if they used element 115 to make the teleporter to somewhat of a time machine, introducing the previous characters to the black ops era therefore, giving the players modernized weapons 🙂

  • zombiefan

    maybe a extra mode without any weapons, or only the knife and u have to survive a long time until a event is happening. In this mode, the map is much bigger and u can run away as u like.
    i think about resident evil, the zombies are around u, but they cannot reach u because you've got barriers like big walls, or u are on a house and have to survive until the plane is coming, …

    or better: a mode with zombies in wich you got another shot for every shot was taken, and if u miss him you have lost ammo. important: u don't have to reload for every ammo u got through killing zombies.

  • michael

    they need to have upgraded weopons also wouldnt it be awesome to shoot zombies in the head with a upgraded Spaz 12 also needs more gore, and should be able to work with xbox 360 kinect that would be a real first person experience right lol

  • Nick

    Add bigger zombies you should be able to create your own weapons and maps. Zombie maps should include maps such as Underpass, Afghan, and rust from MW2.

  • xavier

    yes there is goin to be zombies i saw the video and the officail announcement

  • David

    I think that there should be some story to zombies. Even if it is just like at the end of the last mission your squad stumbles upon something hinting as to how zombies came Along.

  • Jose H.

    you should make there be a big boss in every 10 lvls and on the last boss you have to fight hitler and he has only four weakspots on the elbows and knees so when you destroy them the body part falls off and you have make all four fall to beat him.=)

  • Chris

    all the ideas that these people came up with is aewsome. but here's my only idea for now. instead of monkey bombs, how bowt those rc bombs? it has the same effect as the monkey bomb, only this time, u can drive it somewhere else so ur friends can reload or mess around. who agrees to this idea???

  • xXCRaZySteVeXx

    dont have more than 6 players. that will just ruin it and will lag alot. maybe a waffle grenade so when it explodes it shocks everything arond it (including metal flooring? and everything touching the floor) more gore. the limbs that you shoot should fall off or break instead of shooting an arm and its leg falling off. obviously if your gonna have more charecters. probably not the same ones cos they would probably be abit to old. maybe some new ones. but not like the ones in verruct. more quotations? so like 50 per charecter? its not hard if you think about it. just record words and making them up isnt hard. just base them on the charecter. more teleporters. maybe an option in the teleport screen to choose where you want to go? maybe not. download and play your music from something like an itunes account. but it probably wont be itunes. a juke box to select your music. 1000 a song? different zombie sounds. and voices. and more different zombie skins instead of just like 4. and how the zombies move. more doors. doors can cost more so they can only be unlocked at higher levels. eg a door costing 10000 with like loads of good stuff in it. like the pap machine. or an ammo machine that refills the ammo fully for the gun that you are holding. costing like 5000? maybe. zombies can pile up on each other. or when a zombie dies and a zombie goes through it instead of going through it the zombie goes over it. most weapons from the game. not things that would be compleatly useless against zombies like claymores or riot sheilds. being able to have more than one special grenade. so by pressing up on the d pad you get a certain grenade by pressing down you get a different one but you have to get the grenades somehow instead of instantly geting them on round one. keep the waffle weapons. keep them nazis. there zombies. they dont die unless you kill them. unless treyarch have found an amazing way to change them into different zombies. half of the story line was real.hitler tried to create the ultimate soldier and waffle weapons so i dont know how your gonna make someone like hitler create vietcong zombies. because from what i have heard no one from that era trie to make zombies. so keep it parcially based on the truth. better dedicated servers. host migration. join a game in session if a person leaves and take his place so you get everything he hadand where he left but only if you want to. bigger maps and smaller maps. and more objectives so like in nacht der untoten all you did was run around collums or camp by the grenades ( or atleast most people did) in verruct you had the power and the perks and in der riese you had to link the teleporters. another knife like the bowie knife but it could multikill. so if theres 3 zombies in front of you and your knife hits all of them. all of them die. not just the one it hit first. a perk to keep your guns when you die. attachments? this one sounds a bit far fetched but kill streaks. eg if you kill 100 without diying then you get a care package or a heat seeking missile that targets the biggest cluster of zombies. less or no camping spots so you need to use skill and strategy to get higher. an infinite leaderboard so you dont just get sent to the bottom of the leaderboard if you get over 2147 rounds cos some people acctually get higher than that without glitching. no more round 1 difficultiy zombies after level 200 because if you have ever got that high on shi no numa or der riese you will know that you can knife zombies with one hit on certain rounds after 200 after round 50 zombies dont spawn where you started the level. again it makes it too easy. you can just manipulate the zombies into doing stuff you want them to every round so each round is very similar to the one before it. of course better graphics but i think they have already done that. loads more easter eggs per map. perks suited to the situation your in. eg if somenes downed then a nuke or insta kill. if your out of ammo then obviously a max ammo. maybe upgrade your guns more than once. and i think im all out of ideas.

  • imluvvinurmom12

    y not just chose your perks before game and gun like in player vs player. your own custom class for zombies.

  • dan

    one word "vehicles"

  • gin

    make good sniper spots and make it so guns are free you just need to get to them make a final destenation like a place with 1 acses point and make guns like wonder waff but better and more modern looking dont give zombies guns or make them stronger nazi zombies should not have breaks just points with less zombies let players trade guns or when a player gets a gun just put the other 1 down its anoiing when your freind keeps grting pown guns and you cant

  • Iceman 177170

    I think it would be pretty challenging to have a free for all with zombies included in the game play. With the zombies included nobody would be able to do any camping.

  • Joshburnett

    Some Zombie Ideas:
    1. Different types of zombies like, Children, men, and women.
    2. On the zombie maps there should be like certain interactable items for example maybe access cards for some mystery doors, Or keys to enter secret rooms with like cool furutistic guns
    3. At the end of lets say 20 rounds you get like a 5 minute break to explore map and look for items, easter eggs, etc..
    4. Much bigger maps with lots of buildings
    5. Zombie maps in like a massive Ammusement park with different parts to it like water park, normal carnival area, Place with all the rides, And a like Zoo area with lots of zombie animals.
    6.A zombie map in like different locations around the world: Desert area, Mountian area, Snowy area like alaska,
    7. Each character has different specialties and when he uses his specialty items he is better, Eg. A sniper character and when he uses sniper he gets stopping power.
    8. More cool items like monkey bombs.
    9. Zombies drop more stuff like the nuclear bombs and insta kills and stuff.
    10.Maybe certain Boss zombies like in nazi zombies in WAW people where expecting to see maybe Hitler.
    11. Different charcters from different countries
    So what do youse think?

    • zombieBO

      Dude I love all of that!! I really hope treyarch takes things like this into consideration!

  • john

    how about a trigger that you press and it will begin the next round and when you kill all the zombies in that round the next round won't start until that trigger is hit. so you can customize your weapons with different attachments like red dot, fmj and extended mags. or pak a punch it with out going like: oh crap round is about to start cant upgrade weapon.
    and why not make a custom melee weapon. like a katanna or a hand blade.
    keep the random box and the perks maybe add new perks
    stack perks make the perks better like 2x slight of hand and the third will be like a pro version and the forth will be both perks doubled or more but those will be expensive.
    perhaps a level in cuba or a level back in civil war or even before that.

  • zombieBO

    Defribulator to electricute them, you should be able to grab the teddy and use it instead of your knife. an axe or chainsaw would be awesome.

  • Robbie

    id like to see upgradeable weapons, one map just be a huge field like a farm, killstreak rewards like 50 killstreak will get u an airstrike once every blank rounds, and 2 primary weapons and able to replace ur pistol with a melee weapon or something.

  • jason price

    its called valkyrie grenade, very similar to the monkey grenade when thrown and exploded it causes the zombies to turn on each other for a short time, watching dead zombies slapping each other how funny would that look then explode!!, gives u time to reload and regroup, description of the grenade is simple it comes out the random box as i zombie head,

  • alex

    How about instead of zombies slapping you like bitches, they actually bite you or grab you!!! And also ALLLL the weapons that are in the black ops's campaign should be included in the zombies mode. I would also like to see bigger maps with more hidden secrets in them like the fly trap in Der Riese. And lets have more than just humans and dogs as zombies. AND DONT LET MODDERS MOD THEIR WAY ON TOP OF THE LEADER BOARD, I GOT TO LVL 41 LEGIT ON DER RIESE AND IM LIKE 66,000 IN THE WORLD, WTF!!! BAN THE HACKERS!!

  • williambuskirk

    i think you should have on split screen more than 2 players you should have like 3 or 4 that would make the game a lot better

  • Andrew

    After someone buys a gun from the box and its sitting there for some time another player should be able to take it Fpr example if it’s a good gun but a player already has a better gun or hav the player put the gun up for grabs and the first teammate there gets it

    • Anonymous

      what if everyone wants that weapon and all try to get that weapon it would. your idea is very flawed.

  • joey

    ok, heres MY idea, now you start in a mall. ok. the first floor/ first couple rounds you ghet maybe an extra ten-20 secs. to scavenge like a sports store and take an axe, skateboard, shovel or colfclub. etc. and you need like. 1500 points to open the second level. (elevator). now on the first floor there ould be say.. a strong arm perk that made u do more damaghe with a club weapon. and the only way to get back down is to unlock the stairs, as the elevator malfunctioned and only travels upwards. now the stairs maybe cheap to pen but very risky. sayyy one set of stairs is broken so u need two people. one to lift up once jumped down. and on the second level you get standard guns. shotgun/submachinegun/pistol/magnum/MAYBE a sniper. ands it varys every level, and you pick them up from mall security and the body placement differs also. but i think u should pick up maybe a bullet proof vest that maybe aded a lil health, and on this floor yuo can buy (red dot sight, silencer. (to make kickback less ridiculous), acog maybe, and a frontgrip) now with these you can upgrade your guns. and on the second floor also maybe like. a run fster perk. like one guy said, 3 guns, (2 mains and a pistol/ melee), a bandolier perk. idk. and on the 3rd floor/ roof you find the remains of a S.T.A.R.S like team, with spec ops guns, LMG's,AR's, Auto shottys and such. then once you reach the roof it caves, leaving a big gaping hole in the roof where you can freely traverse between 2nd/3rd floors, but its the easiest zombie passage. and once that happens a timer appears. 7:00 minutes is when rescuee arrives. and on the 1:00 minute mark u see a survivor, if you rescue him your chopper goes down (he was bit so he kills pilot) BUT you can use the weapons cache/ ammo cache/ miniguns to hold out on the downed chooper. and if you DONT recue him you get dropped off at a small military fort. maybe the size of a truckstop? and once you get there every perk and every weapon/ attachment is there. now. u may think. wow. hella cheap. but by now your prob level 25-30. so u need it.

    -5-6 players. bots if your playing alone
    -4 player console play
    -more acheivements for zombies
    -seperate prestiges for zombies that maybe, allow you to get some perks/ weapons or maybe even points right off the bat,
    -a boss zombie? maybe richtophens son who tried to transform himself into a super soldier? (and not to dramatic, just a normal boss battle, idw him to be 100 feet tall and invincivble)
    -maybe you can call for help and one of the W@W zombi people come to help you each with their own abilities that benefit you
    russian-BOOZE perk "increased health
    japan- more ammo
    american- airstrikes '2 every 5 levels' use wisely
    german- RESEARCH perk. Zombies go down quicker

    but thats my idea. comment 🙂

    • Anonymous

      the setting seems too much like dead rising

  • every 10 gos like you get hilter with 6 dogs,creaters mode(zombies maps),carry more gun ,crall when down ,mw2 guns as well as cod 5 abd cod 4 ,and chose wich mode mw2 zombies or nazi zombies same maps and guns just diffrent zombies,zombies on a planeand sky dive to safty or land in hell LOL!!!=], have hell as a map ,and when you KILL zombie hilter you get each get +5000 points and relly big maps (sorry about spelling)=]

  • assassin917

    i hope there will be 4 player split screen on 1 consle and 2 plyer split screen on multiplyer so u can have 4 plyers on 2 consoles it wuld cut the lag an all

    and maybe bigger maps an tougher zombies but more people

  • JeStEr777

    I like the 8 plyer zombie idea alot and also make it 4 both multiplyer and splt scren. hav a lok at these ideas and see what u think

    Maybe if some one gets downed if they die then you should lose points depending on how close they were to u wen they gt downed so if they legged it and they die then u should lose less points because u wouldent be able to revive them

    and maybe if you spend ALOT of points like 15000 then you can shut a route off so it'll be easier to defend against the zombies

  • username306

    They should make a map which is just a huge open field and can have up to 12 players it would'nt make it to easy with 12 players because there would be no solid walls or objects on this map and no cover it just a big open field except for a ditch and a trench or an osprey. You should be able to buy guns off the floor and players should be able to get pickups like trench reinforcements which basically is AI controlled men who support you by firing from a trench. There also should be a pickup which allows a player to call in dogs and a pickup which allows you to call an airstrike and another pickup which allows you to call for helicopter for support. And there should be some mortar pits and some Mg turrets scattered about on the huge field also there should be new melee weapons like a sword and an axe and even a chainsaw. And new perks like extreme conditioning and increased melee damage. But no hell hounds thar ruins the game. So basically you would need 12 players for this map because it's just a massive open field if you only had 4 players you would get enveloped and overrun fairly early on. I recon this would make for an epic map what do you think?……….

  • Joe

    they should make a map which is a big open field and have up to 12 players in it and no rounds just endless hordes of zombies. and it would'nt be to easy with 12 players because its an open map with no solid objects or walls and no cover except for a ditch or a trench ot an osprey. you should be able to buy guns off the floor and there should be a pickup that gives you trench reinforcements basically AI controlled men that shoot from the trenchand give you support. There should also be a pickup that gives allows a player to call in dog support and there should be new melee weapons like a sword an axe and even a chainsaw there should also be a pickup where you can call in an airstrike. It would be cool if there was also a few mortar pits and some MG turrets. But no hell hounds it ruins the game. and also a helicopter support pickup. And a few new perks like extreme conditioning and more melee damage. Now this would make it epic…….

  • BlackOpsFan

    Also maybe every 10 levels instead of zombie dogs make one big boss zombie.

  • BlackOpsFan

    On the Mystery Box have a "Decline" button, so that If you dont what it other players would have a chance to pick up that gun.

  • Ricky

    ——For zombie mode—–
    – Have a lvl where online players start out in a town on a roof or something, and zombies start tryin to attack all the people in town, The players have to save them, and the more humans we save, the less zombies we have to deal with later. Then players can go in the building and hold zombies off where they please, or run around at their own leisure.
    – Have at least 4-6 zombie games when the game comes out. Not 1-2 and then make us wait for map packs
    – Make a 8-12 player co-op zombie for sure.
    – Host Migration !
    – Instead of Dogs every 5 levels, there should be human soldiers that are turning into zombies that carry guns and shoot at you or crazy mutated tougher zombies.
    – Ammo refill on the walls like grenade refills !

  • Ricky

    And why are so many teeny bopper kids playing COD, it's mature rating, I can mute em fine, but when they talk to each other on the phone and use tactical insertions on free for all and just kill each other to get 1st, that ruins it. People camp so much on MW2, now people are camping on cod4 more now than before mw2, and it's the same way with World At War. thank god for "BAREBONES" in MW@ ! Finally a small solution!. I hope Black ops has the same option from the start!

  • Ricky

    ————————————-First off, there is something that must be said.———————————-COD MW2 was a step back more than it was a step forward. I hope that things will be different in Black Ops, but I know they won't be, it's too late. They put all these killstreaks in MW2 and people just camp all the time so they can try to get their harrier, gunner chopper, ac130 or whatever because they suck and can't get kills the good old way, or the just won't man up because they are lame. And, the maps are so camper friendly, it makes it even worse. And don't get me started with 'commando'. You mean to tell me soldiers can zoom up to someone and kill them with a slice/stab of a knife, but my 3-10 bullets i put in them on their way to stab me did nothing to them? When did a knife become more effective when it's not even close combat.

  • What BLACK OPS: ZOMBIES should have.

    1. Continue the story
    2. Pack A Punch Machine (Upgrade 3 times so the ammo that you have is green and much more powerful.)
    3. Zombies should blow up when hit with an RPG or other besides loosing their legs or arms or nothing else. They should just blow up.
    4. Have a power up called "Undetectible" where the zombies can't see you for 30 seconds.
    5: Have Map Pack 4 come back with Area 51 and have an objective where you have to retrieve the element 115(x3) to an alien space ship and you can fly to the other side of the map where then u have to link all teleporters then u can do both.
    6: Have a new gun replace the ray gun but much more powerful.
    7: Have more maps and don't fuck up on the last one.

    That's all I can think of 🙂

  • you should be able 2 make zombie maps and crate you man

  • Mad-Max1234

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode suggestions:
    – It should be possible for 2 people to play online on a single console, as in Resistance 2

    – There should be many different maps, some larger than what we know from CoD: 5

    – As you progress, you should have different zombies to have different aspects of the
    game, as in Left 4 Dead, where they have a spitter and a charger etc. They should be harder to kill than the standard zombies, but in reward for killing them you should recieve Max Ammo / Carpenter / Nuke / Double Points / Instakill.

    – The storyline should be told/shown. No one knows how the Zombie epidemic started in CoD: 5, and I think it would bring the game to a whole new level of scaryness if there was some freak story behind it
    – Weird idea, but if you go down, Zombies should start eating you, and instead of having a timer before being revived, you should only disappear if the zombie has started eating you. It would make you jump more often, and have more respect towards those freakbags.
    – More perk machines;
    Marathon/Extreme Conditioning: faster/unlimited sprint
    Stopping Power: Increased Weapon damage
    Fireworks/Danger Close: Increased Explosive damage
    – Difference between characters
    Focus on the 4 characters nationalities and add features in addition;
    Nikolai, Russian, should have molotovs (as a reference to the russian's love for Vodka)
    Takeo, Japanese, – should have a katana instead of knife, and it should damage more and reach further, OR he should have throwing stars like Nikolai should have the Molotovs
    Doctor Richtoften, German, should have a broken Shnaps bottel or something to fight with, (in reference to German's love for Schnaps)
    Tank Dempsey, American, I dunno 😛

  • oggethealmighty

    U should have the ability to customize the game and do changes like the zombies health weapon prices and stuff like that and should have a map creator and 8 people co-op and objectives (that you can turn off if you want) bigger maps and MORE maps seperate leveling and unlocks like red dot sight though no unlockable guns! and split screen online for up to 3 peope and some mystery story line would be great 🙂 and allso all the stuff that adam and most of the guys with thumbs up on XD

  • i recon thay should make a school as the map/and have stuff like red dot sight and attatchments/rpg,m9,m16,seemtex,aa12,model,sledghamer/and thay should get to drive in a car/……………………..thay should make tesco car park and supermarket in 1 it would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • or a prison and zombies in orange jump suits

      and in sted of knife a trungen

  • codman101

    i think were all just screwing the game over. come on guys really ? bigger zombies ,hell pitbulls ? wat is this left 4 dead or zobies vs plants ?keep the game the same . but with a few tweaks. donating poitns just in case u lev earliey. migrateing host no more{ im host do wat i say or i lev bs} more perks ahh idk bigger maps yeah i like running around shi no numa was beast but really keep the game we all fell into addiction with . ps 8 is really the max amout of players u can do

  • I'm not scared

    I don't see why we can't just have regular old zombies don't change it just cuz you guys can't beat round 10 with 4 people you guys just need to get better

    • Joe

      because regular old zombies was to hard with 4 players especially due to the lack of ammo and if your playing on bigger maps you'll need more than 4 players

  • luko

    i'd really like to see that players can i upgrade a gun more than once and the return of the ray gun and wunder waffe

  • jon

    -4 players on same console
    -being able to crawl in last stand
    -zombies actually “eat” you instead of just whacking you
    -more melee weapons, “axe” “bayonet”
    -never ending gametype, and a beatable one
    -intro cutscene, backround story
    – new weapons and pack a punch

  • James

    My idea is instead of giving us mounted guns where they want them being able to mount your own gun and then once its mounted your only carrying one gun therefore you can buy another

  • MaliciousDream

    If they really do put a “zombie mode” it should have door that fan be locked and it cost to lock it.. Example you run into a room and have no ammo but lost of cash or points then you should he able to lock the door back for more cash or points than it was to open.. But if a door is bought to close it should be zombie breakable to make thegame seem as real as possible and so people who suck can’t hide until better players find good stuff to help the others.. I think there should be killstreak item. Example a sentry that can run out of ammo and a rc car but you must make it through 3 and 5 levels without getting downed..