Apple iPad going explicit – Is it the right move?

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2010

It was not too long ago that we told you about Apple’s plans to create an ‘explicit’ category for the iPhone App Store, but now we have confirmation that Apple will be doing the same thing for the upcoming iPad tablet.

If you head over to Apple Insider, you will be able to view a series of screenshots that they have obtained, showing a iPad parenal control tab that brings up the various filters relating to the explicit content.

Another feature that might be a worry to some of you, is the inclusion of an ‘internal’ iTunes link, which will include a ‘Top iPad Explicit Software’ category.

Is this really a smart move for Apple? Two sides to the arguement we feel here – so let us know where you stand on Apple’s move to ‘the dark side’.

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  • iKarlos

    Apple has survived this far only because its a great app store, but where's the prn for us guys, we are allowed to carry anythin we want on our phones and prn should be a must have for evryone, dont give me the moral crap because evry single guy and some awsum girls want some time alone, specially if u can output it on your hdtv, cmon we all want it why nt make it offcial, if Apple is worried about kids then by all means make the "explicit for adults only" section official, they can be control by an adult account only and entering it before u can be admited, it can be verified by credit card even though u won't be charge unless u want to be for adult apps, that would be awsum and can only be available through Appstore adult verification process, after u create it u can add money with adult-only itune cards which the store cashier will verify with ID in the store, wow i should submit this to Apple since it has potential, wish me luck…

  • E. Hernandez

    Cancel my order. How low does Apple have to go? Are they hurting to bad they're sinking to feeding the perverts?