Twitter for Music and Podcasts: Jingle! 1.1 for iPhone

By Gary Johnson - Mar 28, 2010

Jingle! 1.1 A clever new app for users to Tweet music and other media content via Twitter has arrived for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Users can be listening to a podcast, music or any other audio media and can easily Tweet it using Twitter. The app posts a Tweet with all the information of what the user is listening too, like the artist and album title. To rate content users tap a button while listening to music, the app then posts a Tweet without the need to type.

Developed by Arbutus Software, the app can match posted Tweets to iTunes hyperlinks. Users can forward recommended content easily and quickly with links to iTunes. Thousands of other songs acquired through other online providers like Audible or Amazon may also be included.

Jingle! 1.1 is a free app and available on the App store. iPhone 3G, 3GS or the iPod Touch required with OS 3.1 or later.

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