Revised iTunes Terms: Limits iPad Flexibility

By Peter Chubb - Mar 28, 2010

Apple has revised its iTunes terms and conditions this week, as well as adding a new feature – sending apps as gifts. As with everything – there are always restrictions. This will limit the flexibility of magazine publishers; in turn will have an affect on the iPad.

For those with app subscriptions, Apple has limited the in-app purchases as gifts; this means that you will not be able to send someone a gift within an iPad or even an iPhone. In short, if you were thinking of buying a friend a subscription to Wired magazine – then you can forget it Apple will not allow it.

This news could have an affect on publishers who wish to have a strong presence with the iPad tablet device – as gift subscriptions has been very profitable for them in the past. We do wonder why Apple would shoot themselves in the foot like this; this could have been a way to have a perfect marriage between themselves and the publisher.

Wired suggests that one reason why Apple have made this change to its iTunes terms and conditions is to stop minors subscribing to racy content. Another reason is that Apple wants recurring transactions so they can get a share of the proceeds.

Either way, this could be one move that Apple could live to regret, we wait and see how this will affect the iPad and its App downloads and publication subscriptions. Those who wish to pre-order a new Apple iPad, you face a two week delay.

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  • iphonerulez

    Just as Apple can change rules on any given day, they can always revise the rules down the line. Nothing seems to be written in stone. Apple will adjust and make the necessary changes as they see fit. Apple is pretty much on the leading edge of these transactions. It's probably a learning process. I doubt if any company always gets things right the first time around.

  • SteveP

    What a muddled report!

  • OMG What a scoop!! The world may end. The iPad is definitely DEAD.

  • James Katt

    First of all, in-app purchases can completely bypass iTunes.

    Just look at the Kindle App. It uses the web-browser software to buy Kindle Books, which it then downloads from Amazon, completely bypassing iTunes so that Apple gets no cut of the profits. Apple does not disallow this behavior. Developers can add this to their apps at anytime.

    Given this possibility, gifts of in-apps purchases won't make sense or would cause customer confusion since they can't use the gift for some apps – like Kindle.