iPad Sold Out: Presales Creates Bottleneck

By Peter Chubb - Mar 28, 2010

Who would have thought that a couple of months ago that strange looking iPad tablet would have sold out even before a customer took procession of the first one? Well that is just what Apple is saying, which we reported in a recent post.

There were many critics who did not believe that Apple made a good product with the iPad – saying that it was just an over-sized iPod Touch. But pre-sales figures never lie, although we are not that certain how many units have been shifted.

Those who pre-ordered a while ago will still get their Apple iPad shipped on April, but those wishing to pre-order now will now have to wait until April 12. It would seem that Apple’s suppliers have not been able to manufacturer enough iPad devices in time for its launch – this has certainly created a bottleneck due to high pre-order figures.

Are you disappointed with not being able to get you hands on a new Apple iPad until April 12?

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