General Motors (GM) Van Recall: Consumers Losing Confidence

By Peter Chubb - Mar 28, 2010

General Motors announced a recall on certain models of vans built in February and March 2010. GM has said that 5,000 of its GMC Savana and Chevrolet Express vans are affected by this safety recall – due to a faulty alternator, which is considered a fire risk.

The Detroit automaker announced that production of both vans have now stopped until they can come up with a fix. General Motors said 2500 and 3500 series heavy-duty vans were affected by this recall and not the light-duty versions – this is because they use different alternators.

According to a report from Left Lane News, there have been three reported fires related to this incident – thankfully there have not been any injuries.

These are troubling times for the auto industry – in a time when they are meant to be fighting for sales, why are they having trouble with quality control? We have had over 8 million Toyota vehicles recalled, then Honda, Nissan and others. Now this latest recall could see consumers losing confidence – something that all automakers will be affected by.

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