Facebook STD Rates Claim: Ridiculous say social networking site

By Peter Chubb - Mar 28, 2010

There have been claims made against Facebook that they are to blame for the rise in STD rates – especially syphilis among social networking site users. Facebook has since come out and said that these claims are “ridiculous”, and does not have anything to do with the higher rates, reports IBT.

According to a recent report in the Guardian, Facebook do not believe anything from this report is true – suggesting that they are not more at blame than other media outlets, such as newspapers.

Teesside public health director, Professor Peter Kelly said that his staff has linked the high rate of certain sexually transmitted diseases to those who use Facebook, as it has become the prefect place for people to meet sex partners.

The social networking site believes that these reports have been over exaggerated, and people should not read much into it.

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  • Tom Tom

    Facebook and the like is being used by a lot of adult males and females for one off sexual encounters. It can become addictive. Casual sex is not encouaged by face book, of course not, but social networking does facilitate the ability for both sexes to have serial sexual encounters simply because there is a vast audience of like minded people that otherwise would not have met. It’s simple maths and human nature. Social networking will increase the faciliation of stds so we need to fight back by behaving responsibly.

  • Michelle

    Are we blaming FaceBook because it makes it easier for people to talk with other and feel comfortable with someone before they have unprotected sex with them? Ok, fine lets blame FB for that. However if we blame FB for this then we also have to blame schools! They allow people to be cofortable with each other at a very young age. While we are at it… lets blame TV because it has made unprotected sex a norm by broadcasting everything someone does loudly. It says it is ok without using the exact words. We can blame the radio for announcing to the world all of the gssip that goes on. Oh, and I am going to blame the government also, why? for the simple reason of them also making it a norm. They are focused on what other countries do before they focus on ours. Why are we not able to help our own people and why are we so focused on everyone around us?

    Perhaps what people need to do is sit and look in a mirror for a min. Stop blaming others for your own actions and realize that EVERY decision you make has a reaction. That reaction may be good or bad. IT is still a reaction. The one for having unprotected sex without knowing that partners sexual health can be a VERY BAD reaction!

  • splatt

    That's why it's called social nutworking!

  • PepeEd


  • Bridgette

    This is just stupid, So someones dumb ass has unprotected sex. Got an STD and now needs someone to blame….. This is ridiculous….

  • ray

    oh my god…my patent for finger condoms is sure to be a hit now..how rediculous can you get..

  • curlygirl

    What happened to people being responsible for their own actions? Why is facebook responsible? RIDICULOUS!

  • Rhonda

    I strongly gfeel that Facebook has nothing to do with STD's. That is complete BS if you ask me. Anyone can meet others wheather it be on Facebook or Myspace. These sites have nothing to do with the carelessness of teens or adults having unprotected sex. Its not like Facebook told them to have sex unprotected. You are just trying to find reasons to get rid of the site that millions of people are enjoying for the first time in years. So go and find something else to blame it on and leave Facebook alone!!!!! American girl

  • Pari

    Have we gone so low, that we have politicians actually targeting other politicians because of a bill rather than resolving it as grown ups!!!!!!!!! Now we are blaming Facebook for STDs. I use Facebook. I have not seen any statements on Facebook encouraging sex or sexually activity of any sort. We need to grow up as human beings and start taking responsibility, 'cause if we don't we are pretty soon going to say that Facebook made us cut our finger.