Wild West Checkers 1.0.1: New iPhone App Update

By Gary Johnson - Mar 27, 2010

Wild West Checkers 1.0.1 is a new game for users of the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new challenging game utilizes some of the devices great features.

Developed by MaxNick, Wild West Checkers features a standard checker board with 8 black counters on the eighth rank, and 8 white counters on the first rank. The aim of the game is to knock off your opponents counters without knocking off your own. This is achieved by touching the screen and launching your counters towards the ones of your opponents.

Wild West Checkers is especially challenging to play because it follows the physical laws of the real world. The app takes advantage of the devices great built in features, the advanced ergonomics of its GUI, is which Wild West Checkers relies upon. The counters glide across the board, with convincing sound effects and graphics. There are three difficulty levels, and a dual player mode on the same iPhone, or against another iPhone player.

Wild West Checkers 1.0.1 is $2.99 on the App Store. Requires iPhone/iPod Touch with OS 3.0 or later.

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