Survey: Resistance 3 for Sony PS3 likely

By Peter Chubb - Mar 27, 2010

A survey was taken out recently asking if there was the possibility of a new Resistance game for the Sony PS3 – Resistance 3. The answer was yes, that it is very likely, the survey was sent by PlayStation to fans of the console.

Fans of the franchise do not think if Resistance 3 will be launched – but when the game will be officially announced. The second question asked how likely fans were to purchase a sequel to the game – this certainly seems as if Sony has something planned.

If Resistance 3 was released, then chances are it will be in time for the holiday season – Joystiq expects Sony to announce something very soon. We have to point out that this is all speculation – but it would be nice if it were true.

So do you think that there is another Resistance game coming, and when do you think it will be announced?

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  • james braselton

    hi there you are right resitance games are good but i want take great gaming consoles and make them even faster and better gaming consoles with 2 10,000 rpm voolci-raptors or 2 solid state flash drives in raid 0 with even faster load times no lag times soo you can finish resitance game in half time for more restance gaming or any other game

  • mactastic

    i thought the resistance games were good, but the characters in the second game a tad annoying. i would like to play a civilian in 3 and make it more of a survival horror. and it has to be set back in good ol blighty!