Spray Can 2.2 released for iPhone and iPod touch

By Gary Johnson - Mar 27, 2010

Spray Can 2.2 has just been released as an update of the hugely popular original Spray Can. The original app has been downloaded over a million times so far since its launch in May 2009.

Developer’s rapidrabbit have added some new features to this version that were requested by users of the original app. New painting options and different backgrounds have been added. Users can submit graffiti’s to Twitter and Facebook to share with friends and family. Using the app is a great way to create custom wallpapers and send messages.

There is a pranking tool that lets users shake the device up and down and press the spray button. A concrete wall, and a subway train have been added to the backgrounds included in the app. Users can now change the size of the spray jet, turning this version into a full blown graffiti app.

Spray Can 2.2 is free on the App Store. iPhone or iPod Touch required with OS 3.0 or later. Available in US English, Italian, French and German.

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