PS3’s God Of War III: Problems after patch release?

By Alan Ng - Mar 27, 2010

We have some welcome news for God Of War III owners now, as a patch update is now available for the game. Update v1.01 is intended to specifically fix up the problems related to wireless controllers that some of you been experiencing.

As PlayStation Lifestyle points out, the update is now available, and you’ll be prompted to download it next time you boot up the game. The update itself is optional, but we advise you to download it, since there is also reports of various bugs and game freezes that have been found.

However, this only seems to be affecting a small group of players though, so no need to panic just yet. Have you been having problems with the game?

If so, let us know if the patch update has fixed everything up for you.

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  • harrison244

    Will this fix the overheating problem cause only god of war 3 cause my PS3 to overheat. My other games work fine

  • Brentos122

    I am getting stuck at the chain of balance. Please fix it! I want to play the whole game not hear about it from my friend or have to watch the story onYoutube!!!

  • Vonkiezer

    My God of war freezes right after the fight before helios. Sucks no one cares to fix this issue!!!

  • Gcarlosmanuel

    im playing gow 3 and after the fight with hermes when you enter again in the flames room my game freezes i cant continue !!!!what the hell is this i paid 60 to have a game doesnt work?ive tried everything, Cleaning the disc / didn’t work. Choose an older save/not using auto save / didn’t work. Playing both the patched game, even deleting the patch /didn’t work
    Remove the patch and install the game /didn’t work
    Please do something about this because its not funny cant complete  this beautiful game 🙁

  • well i am playing god of war 3 and i am at the chains of balance first time around and i get to this one part and the music starts to skip and it just stops and the loading symbol comes up.

  • froogy

    im on cronos shoulder and its glitching by making kratos go up in the air the screen goes werid…. any edvice?
    oh and sony u guys need fix ur problem with these games of urs

  • felipe

    hi, im playing GOW3 and it keep freezing all the time, im chasing Hermes and it freeze all the time. well thats the only problem, the game is awesome, please fix this.

  • leggii

    Half way through the game, keeps on freezing up on me. Can play for about 30 seconds until it freezes again. Background music keeps stuttering as well. It's unplayable.

    I've tried:
    Cleaning the disc – didn't work.
    Choose an older save/not using auto save – didn't work.
    Playing both the patched game, even deleting the patch – didn't work.

    The only other suggestion I've found is deleting all your save games files, but there's no way in hell I'm playing the game through again with the possibility I could just end up in the same spot! Come on guys there's a lot of complaints about this, where's our answer! I want to finish this god damn game!

    • jmg1911

      Im having the same problem but my game play works fine its the cut scenes that stutter on me. a 1min cut scene will take 5 mins to sit through all the stuttering. HELP guys!

  • Ein

    When im in heras garden, she doesnt show up, so im stuck in a puzzle with no way out. so damn frustrating! I just want to beat the game, im so close!

  • asbjørn

    i got that problem that the 10 first times i should try and play the game it freezes all ready in the intro….i see " sony pictures presents" and then black screen…..even if i just startet my ps3 after i havent used for 24hours….i have got into the game though but everytime theres a ingame movie it either freeze or the talking are slower than the movie and then after it just glich at some music/talk part that replayes over and over for 3 sec or some….ive tried get a new copy of the game and i havent even got into the game with that one yet….

  • reno

    mine gow3 reg 1 also freezes in slim 250 gb. what is the solution??????

  • Moo

    @Alan Ng

    i f love you sony guys, but we have a few problems.

    1# overheating: if you encounter bugs, music wired, enemies wired, if something is not right….your ps3 needs to rest for 1,5 hour(to be sure to play 5 more hours), i got a 80g version.(useless cooler for ps3?), after its cooled….it works perfect again.

    2# people who make games at sony….are forced to play little big planet 😛 , i see problems and other things i could fix by changing the lighting instead of taking away graphics of less importend areas to more importend areas to reach the goal* (the 3 wise man part, i can see the creation)

    3# cheats!!!!, people can do cheaos mode easily, look on internet FIX FIX, i died already 300 times(real), and those people get unlimited health

    4# santa monica better make more games of this qaulity, because iam hungry of those people lol.

    anyway thank you for you time i go play more gow3, iam on chaos mode, iam at helios now to rip his head off, my ps3 is cooling down now, since thad cyclop didnt make a sound when he supose to make scared when he screamed.

    (if i dont play more than 4 hours, everyting is perfect and stabiel)

  • RayRay

    I just bought the game GOW3 today & the video & sound are out of sync in the very first cut scene. It is a huge gap.

  • djazzsinger

    OK, just bought the game today. Got to Hades and after u fight the statues and have to jump down and go thru some kinda something which i DONT know bcuz the video is all fuzzy and distorted and i jump out to fly but end up dying EVERYTIME! pressed the pause button , come back and then everything is bright yellow and he is distorted!! I am so FRUSTRATED!!!! Can any1 help??

    • Satanbug

      I ran back like a half a mile, and then it loaded correctly. It took damn near 20 minutes to get it to do it though.
      It's jacked because all you have to do right there is jump down to meet Hephaestus…. but with it not loading you just keep falling until you die 6 seconds later. This game was definitely not ready to release….

  • WEB


    • Rudy

      How did you fixed this problem ?

  • legacy420

    Yeah I never needed a patch for my ps2. It just worked.

    • Samantha

      Then what the hell are u even doing here?

  • tyron biggums

    yah i dont know what they did with this game its really turns you off after they get you into the game I rented it to try, but i doubt ill buy it if i have to worry about it freezing all the time lol good thing i just rented the trash

  • Johan

    I just bought the game and installed the patch. It freezes in the beginning when the giants climb the mountain. I can't even start it…

    What bothers me is that lately the game companies tend to release games with a lot of bugs and glitches. I'm very disappointed.

  • adi

    hi Friends,

    Recently I purchased PS3 250GB Slim & it came along with God of war 3 game.

    While playing, When I reach "Caverns – Hermes" stage my PS3 system freezes at one point where there is a cut scene – Hermes talking with Kratos & then he runs away. After that when I try to follow him system/gameplay freezes & that "Omega" loading sign appears at the bottom.

    After this nothing happens even if I wait for sometime & also controller doesn't work. I tried restaring the system & loading the game from last savepoint (where I am abt to follow Hermes) but it's not working for me.
    It was working pretty well till this stage. Also when I loose my life while playing then after that we get options i.e. start from last check point or quit. Now if I try to start from last check point the system freezes.

    Did anyone came across this kind of issue?
    It would be great if you guys can help me in resolving this issue.

  • Renato

    I had some problems with nikon wirelles control, after update to 3.30 and use this path everything is 100% !
    Nice game! They must make One and 2 with the same engine rsrs ( not collection i just finish that one to warmup to GoW 3 )

    Best Regards from Brazil

  • Having issues with the God of War 3 game, it freezes all the time on my original ps3. I have downloaded the recent patch and my system is up to date. The original system is a 20gb model but upgraded to a 120gb hard drive 2 years ago, this game and god of war collection are the only 2 games i have had issues with. The disks are brand new too. Please help if you can.

    • Kaizer-Konner

      I've been having the exact same problems, I also have a 20GB system with an upgraded hard drive. I have tried reformatting, and clearing out the install for GoW III, but nothing seems to work! I have no idea what else to do.

  • Smoke

    I've just bought my 250g Slim ps3 bundled with GOW3 a week ago… everything worked nicely until I got to the Chain of Balance, where I started climbing after meeting Hermes. Then I got music stutter and the game "loads" for like half an hour. I decided to wait it out and get to the top of the chain.. (It happens 3 times during the climb of the chain). About 1 hour later (no jokes) I get to the top room, walk around a bit and I just randomly fall to my death, but with major glitches. And then when I died my ps3 had no response whatsoever, I couldn't bring up the PS menu or anything, had to take out the disc. this made me so frustrated because GOF3 is an awesome game, so why is it this buggy?!

    We tried playing it on my friend's ps3, also a slimline 250g. After inserting the disc the PS3 had an update to do, after the system update GOW3 didn't even want to launch on his PS3. We just got a black screen with no system response like mine had.

    Please note, I did NOT install or do any game updates/patches yet. But reading these comments I'm guessing it won't help. So the problem is the game after all? Not the playstation or the controllers not working?

  • Twitch

    Never had a problem with the game, installed the patch and now its impossible go past the Heart of Gaia right at the start. Parts of the level havent loaded in, leaving big patches of back buffer producing the hall of mirrors effec.t

  • Wander Rodrigues

    I have a ps3 slim 120Gb on a tube tv. Sometimes it doesn't work… and i try again and again till I see the disc at the xmb. So, when playing it, it simply freeze in any point of the game.
    Is there any problem with the ps3 slim with a tube tv (480i)?
    Sorry for the english, I'm brazilian.

  • maelo0525

    Mine just freezes after I kill hades and run thru de portal that sends you near Helios

  • Scott

    the patch just made my 60gb system unable to even start the game….waiting for another patch…it worked fine before the patch

  • Devin kearney

    My game freezes once you start climbing the chain after meeting hermes. it sucks because ive waited for this game forever and there is nothing i can do to fix it

  • dsf

    freezes up right at the beginning of the game when Poseidon dives thru the titans chest. i havnt been able to actually play the game except for the first couple of kills before that scene.

  • i hate hackerz

    yeh i first had a problem with it, it kept freezing at the same spot, right after you kill cronos its suppossed to put u in front of those 2 onyx things and then u glide down the opening in the ground. instead it spawned me down next to hepheastus and he was like frozen but i could still move, and go through the portal and everything but he was just frozen like a statue. i got a new disc and everything seems to be working so far. except for the fact that i had to redo the whole thing back up to cronos because of the freeze. after beating the game i have to say that it was pretty badass. i loved beating the s*** out of posiedon and all the other gods. the game is incredibly well polished and a must own if ur a ps3 owner. GO NEMEAN CESTUS!!

  • Cronic_001

    freezes right after i kill helios and at differnt spots throughout the game and this patch didn't fix them so i am so mad

  • warren

    Played through the game without any problems. Got all ten items so am playing through again.

  • Jdawg

    my game still freezes up at the same spo (chain of balance). Its a major bummer.

  • lyd_mrgn27

    I have been having problems with freezing and audio stuttering not with the controller though i just go so agitated with it that I just sent it back to Gamestop but I will buy it again to see if this patch helps it.