Long-Term Evolution (LTE) vs. WiMax: Need for Speed

By Peter Chubb - Mar 27, 2010

The recent CTIA Wireless 2010 event has shown one thing, that our need for speed will become more demanding as our smartphones evolve. Wireless carries already know that have already started to plan, but it is funny how some of them are choosing different options. There are two choices for 4G speeds, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and WiMax – so why the different paths, and what is different about them?

We have heard so much about 4G, no not the iPhone 4G, that just means it is the 4-th generation smartphone from Apple, it will still use 3G technology. PC Mag reckons that 4G is just a marketing term, as there is no industry standard that defines it.

So we mentioned above that there are two choices, LTE and WiMax, the former is being taken up by most of the carriers, with Sprint going for the latter. The funny thing is, Sprint recently announced a fully working 4G handset, the HTC EVO at CTIA 2010. We also know that Sprint is much further ahead with its WiMax development, 27 markets currently receive it in the U.S.

Sprint is working with Clearwire to offer WiMax, and by the end of this year, there will be many more markets getting faster mobile data download speeds.

As for Long-Term Evolution (LTE), Verizon and AT&T are pushing this and many believe that the success of LTE will be all thanks to these two battle scared warriors of the carrier world. LTE has been getting most of the attention of late, even though it is much further behind in development than WiMax.

Verizon will only offer LTE to 25 to 30 markets; but will cover at least 100 million users by the end of 2010. However, it is expected to cover more of the country than 3G by the end of 2013.

We know that our need for speed is great, but all major networks continue to lobby with the FCC to open up more spectrums – this is fundamental, as we will be demanding so much more as our future technology will rely so much on it.

For more details on the differences of both LTE and WiMax visit PC Mag

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  • Eydz

    George, I integrate e-Node B Ericsson equipment for Verizon and they are using LTE as their 4G network

  • Daniel

    George, you definitely dead wrong. Verizon has no plans to offer WIMAX connectivity, and are gun-ho about LTE. Yet, I am a Sprint 4G right now and I am glad that Sprint is so far ahead of the two other major carriers! By the time Att and VZ offer there first 4G LTE service plans, Sprint will already have thw wireless ISP market locked up with 2 year contracts for data cards and smartphones!

  • Rex

    Well as smart as you think you are George, you should read up a little more. Verizon is committed to rolling out LTE – says every single link for as far as the eye can see….

  • George

    Yeah, usually people fact check when they write things. Verizon and Sprint are CDMA/Wimax and AT&T/T-mobile are using LTE/HSPA+ . Your blog . . . now considered incorrect and not worth a read.