Google / Apple war good for innovation and lower prices

By Peter Chubb - Mar 27, 2010

We recently learned from Gizmodo that Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt were making nice at a coffee shop – we now wonder if this recent war between Apple and Google is over? Many of you will be happy to see the two getting on, but this could end up being a bad thing.

The war between Apple and Google has more pros than cons, if you need persuading, then would you believe when they say that we can enjoy innovation and lower prices all the time Jobs and Schmidt are not talking.

The innovation side is the biggest benefit for us as the two will always try to outdo each other. If Apple and Google get on, then future devices from the pair will not be as good, as they will slow down on trying to best each other.

The thing is, the iPhone was great when it came out, but was missing a number of key features. It was not until Google entered the smartphone market with Android that Apple started to improve key iPhone features – copy and paste is a good example of this.

The second reason is with the prices of handsets, if the two get on with each other, then they will not try to compete for market dominance. We know that Apple never gets involved in a pricing war, but believes that they may have to in time, if they ever hope of stopping the onslaught from Android.

Come on Apple and Google, fight it out.

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