Verizon Nexus One Starts Debate: Network or Hardware?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 26, 2010

Now that Verizon have announced that they will soon be offering the Nexus One we thought we would see what our readers thought about an ongoing debate, this debate basically asks the question what is more important, a good hardware/software combination or a reliable network?

There is no doubt that AT&T’s iPhone 3GS almost delivers on every level, however in terms of network coverage our readers have been fairly critical of AT&T’s coverage. So I think that it is fair comment to say that the AT&T iPhone 3GS offers good hardware (for today’s standards), great software and fair network coverage.

Many of our readers have also been extremely excited about a possible Verizon iPhone, however the longer they wait the more they give up hope, therefore they may have been glad to hear the news of the Verizon Nexus One launch.

Given what has been said about the AT&T iPhone 3GS previously in this post a direct comparison could suggest that the Verizon Nexus One offers great hardware, fair software and great network coverage.

Today we have received a lot of feedback from our readers about the Verizon Nexus One delay, and some people have given up hope for a really good Smartphone on Version Wireless. Have you been thinking of returning to AT&T?

This begs the question what is more important? A good software/hardware combination or good network coverage with a phone that is slightly lacking?

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  • Ken Moser

    I've had Verizon now for several years after leaving AT&T which always dropped callls via dead spots in my area of San Diego. I'm now in my 5th year with a Razr — second model. I was ready to make the jump to the Droid when it debuted a few months ago but I'm glad I didn't. Recently I had the ability to compare the Droid and the IPhone side by side at a dinner party with two friends who had one of each. The IPhone was clearly faster and easier to use. I don't need the web search features but texting with a Razr is torture. With IPhone sales down dramatically I think Sony would be wise to marry the best phone with the best coverage when the AT&T exclusive contract expires in June. I hope I get my wish.

  • Barbara

    All cell phone companies stink! However, for me Verizon is currently my choice & I will stay with them for a while. I am not interested in supporting Apple's closed infrastucture. So I am waiting for Nexus one on Verizon. However I will probably buy the one with no contract. I hear so may problems with AT&T and I am happy with Verizon's coverage. I do have a 19% discount with Verizon which I will not get on AT&T.

  • Brent

    Left Verizon and got the iPhone w/ATT. Love the apps, like the phone (As usual, Apple disables such extremely basic features as ringtone sharing; if they can't pick your pocket for it, then forget it). Unfortunately, coverage sucks when I'm on the road (mainly the data coverage – which is the biggest reason to have the iPhone). Fortunately I'm usually in major cities where coverage is ok. You'd think the geniuses at Apple would have compared network footprints when deciding to marry up with ATT; maybe the did, but ATT had the biggest checkbook at the time.

  • Mike

    I switched from Verizon to AT&T when the iPhone 3GS came out and I have had ZERO problems with AT&T coverage. Plus, I get a 22% discount from AT&T and my bill is way cheaper than when I had my blackberry with VZW. Screw Verizon.

  • Larry

    I am on the verge of going to ATT, been with Verizon for 6 years. However, with the next breath I feel I can relax and wait. All the rumors and press only tend to irritate me and make me impatient for the new phones, but good things are worth waiting for, it is just a matter of how long can one wait. I would be really nice if Verizon could just come out and make a statement of what and when they will be providing, and again, I know there are a lot of business relationships which need to be protected as well so maybe silence is best. For now I wait, tapping my fingers and toes.

  • peterL

    I spoke w/my Verizon rep – he confirmed that the htc "Incredible" is in fact the "Nexus1" as designed/tweaked for the Verizon network in the same way the the Palm Pre Plus was the Palm Pre tweaked for the Verizon network. Realizing that, all the rumors and clandestine photos etc. from the past couple months all make sense. The original "Nexus One" for Verizon like for all the other carriers will in fact be released at Google without contract at ~$579, but most people will opt for the tweaked version (the Incredible) with the 2yr contract for ~$250. Good Times are ahead for us Verizon sheep.

  • Ray

    As great as the iPhone is, I could not stomach AT&Ts terrible coverage and service issues anymore, had to give up my iPhone and go back to Verizon. The phone is not worth all the dropped calls and stuff that came with AT&T. Really hoping Verizon gets it soon though.

  • Good network coverage… Even though my area has great GSM (ATT/Tmobil) service, Verizon bought the GSM towers when it bought Unicel 1 yr ago. So I cannot get iPhone at my address OR by incurring "Excess Roaming" charges. Seems from the maps that Verizon has best coverage in rural Maine (Augusta heading East to the ocean…) . Will get Nexus if Verizon has it … It would certainly be a plus if it includes GSM and a sim slot so I can use it in Europe.

  • csullivan1980

    My contract with Verizon ends mid-June and I'm planning on making the jump to AT&T depending on what happens at the WWDC. When I was on the phone with a customer service asking how my month-to-month billing works he reminds me I have a $50.00 credit to a new phone. Telling me about Android based phones I quickly stop him and tell him, "I'm holding out for the iPhone." He replies, "Oh…well maybe if you wait we could get it." As great as that would be I am starting to seriously doubt we'll see a Verizon iPhone this summer. I have friends who own iPhones, their service here is good and they never seem to have problems. I've waited three years now and it's time to make the jump for me if no Verizon iPhone is in sight. Sorry Verizon.