PAX East 10: Xbox 360 USB Memory release date

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2010

We have some good news for Xbox 360 owners now, as Microsoft has just confirmed at PAX EAST 10 that USB storage is indeed coming, and also gave us a solid release date for gamers in the US.

As reported from Destructoid, Major Nelson confirmed that on April 6th, the Xbox 360 will be given a software update, which will enable support for external USB flash drives.

While this is great news for gamers fed up of the old memory cards, the bad news is that the console will only support 16GB per USB drive.

However, all is not lost – as Major Nelson also confirmed that you’ll be able to plug TWO flash drives in, giving a maximum memory of 32GB.

What are your thoughts on this? Full details through the link.

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