Nokia buys Vision Mobile Web browser developer Novarra

By Jamie Pert - Mar 26, 2010

We have recently heard that Nokia have purchased the web browser firm Novarra, Novarra have been established for 11 years and are the developers of the Vision Mobile Browser amongst other apps.

Over the last year or so Nokia have failed to heavily impact the smartphone market, this has been disappointing for Nokia as they are still the world’s largest phone maker.

One thing which in my opinion has let down Nokia is their smartphone software, Symbian handsets have a very dated feel therefore perhaps Novarra’s software can help improve Nokia’s software experience.

Nokia’s Vice President recently released this statement “By driving innovation in all segments of our portfolio, we are building one of the largest consumer audiences for web services and content”, he also hinted that Novarra’s software would mainly be utilized in Nokia’s Series 40.

If you would like to find out more detailed information check out the link below, also worth checking out is Nokia’s official press release.

Source: ZDNet

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