iPhone 3GS vs Nexus One: 5 Things the iPhone Does Better

By Jamie Pert - Mar 26, 2010

There is no doubt that at the moment two of the most impressive smartphones on the market are Apple’s iPhone 3GS and Google’s Nexus One, both have their pro’s and con’s, however a recent article posted on ZDNet points out five things which are better about the iPhone.

The five ways in which the iPhone is better according to Jason D. O’Grady (whose article is found here) include its intuitive copy and paste functionality, when compared to Android’s solution it is an absolute breeze.

Another way in which the iPhone 3GS is better than the Nexus One is in terms of the touchscreen display, despite the Nexus One reporting a resolution of 480×800 many sources are reporting that the actual resolution is closer to 392×653 also according to ZDNet’s article the touchscreen functionality is not as precise or as sensitive as the 3GS’s.

The article also suggests that the 3GS’s music application, Google Voice functionality and application store are all better than the Nexus One’s offerings, you can find out detailed information as to why this is the case by checking out the link below.

Source: ZDnet

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