HTC Incredible and Nexus One: Verizon’s missed opportunity

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2010

And so we enter the aftermath of this year’s CTIA Wireless 2010. As far as we see it, there were only two major factors from this year’s event. The first being the HTC EVO 4G handset from Sprint, and the second being Verizon’s self-imposed exile from the event.

We say exile, as it looked certain that the carrier was going to announce either the HTC Incredible or the Nexus One. Neither of which happened – leaving us all scratching our heads.

This was a great opportunity for Verizon to unleash their next major handset after the DROID, and in the process, potentially prizing away phone owners who were adamant on picking up the next version of the iPhone – if it lands this Summer.

Judging from our feedback over the last few days, this was Verizon’s big chance – and they blew it. With so much disappointment lingering in the air at the moment – is it possible for them to recover?

Following CTIA, many now feel that he HTC EVO is the smartphone to beat, with likely candidates being Apple’s next iPhone and the HTC Incredible on Verizon.

With not even a sniff of when Verizon will release the handsets – have they possibly created a situation where they will be victims of their own downfall?

Let us know where you stand on this. Are you still hopeful Verizon will release either handset soon, or has the lack of a CTIA announcement pushed you over the edge?

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  • gusmarshall

    My contract is up with Verizon on May 23. If they aren't offering the Nexus One by then, I'm jumping networks.

  • Verizon is far and away the best Mobile Carrier out there. I for one and not impatient for the newest offerings. It seems to me being a little late to the party can be fashionable. Especially, when the bugs and kinks get worked out by the lesser players. We all know this is the renamed nonbuggy version of T-Mobile's offering HTC HD2. Verizon just will offer a better version. Longevity over Impact, smart for the long haul.

  • sean76

    i don't know I'm pretty fed up with VZW right now. they have not showed me anything solid about the Nex or the inincredible releasing this spring. I have an iphone and I'm using an hd2 as of now! the hd's keyboard is terrible, its going back, and i will wait for the 4th iphone….

  • Terry

    To hell with verizon, I have been waiting for almost 3 years for an answer to the iphone. They don't have one and I don't care if they ever do. Forget verizon.

  • Last year I picked up an HTC TouchPro 2 from Verizon. It has been a good phone with a great keyboard and I love the Verizon Service. Recently I started running Android 2.1 on the phone as a dual boot. It has been stable and has really excited me about Android. So until a new HTC is available I will continue "emulating"

  • John B

    I am closing one of my three lines with VZW on the 12th. I have the iPhone now and it works fine for me where I live. I cannot justify carrying an iPhone and BB Tour. My wife is perfectly happy with her pink Rzr (crazy isn't it?).

    Hope the Incredible or N1 works for you…IF they ever show up!

  • Peter Hill

    Our company is switching to Verizon and giving everyone the HTC Eris-Droid. There was a time when I was willing to upgrade to the Google Nexus One, but I am now just going to go with the I-Phone when Verizon gets it in June.

  • Chris1051

    I have been a verizon customer since 2006 and have been locked in due to family and coverage reasons. Their handsets and hardware has SUCKED for as long as I can remember. I was excited about the Droid – and even more excited about the N1 – I have been set on getting one – have been WAITING and WAITING since January – The people in the Verizon stores are clueless. And I feel really let down by them – in that I can't get the phone I want because of stupid business decisions.

  • Vic

    what's funny to me, is that most of the Verizon customers on this and many other threads like this one, whine and complain about Verizon not having the best handsets, and no release dates etc. etc. pleading with ' Verizon' to release a handset or at least give you a release date. Do you really think they care what you think? Do you really think, they give a damn if you have the greatest handsets? Verizon, has never, ever been on the cutting edge when it comes to phones. Once can possibly make a case for the droid, but not really, because android phones had already been released on other carriers. The only way Verizon is going to start caring about what you have to say, is if you (Those that specifically come on websites like this and bash Verizon for its business practices) actually follow up on your threat and leave Big Red for other carriers. When they're no longer the nation's (US) largest carrier, then and only then will they start wondering where did they go wrong. But in the mean time, if you're going to do is complain, but in the end stay with Verizon, why even waste your time with complaining? It just seems useless, because It's pretty obvious, that they don't give a sh*t about what we have to say.

    • Zephyr

      While I will concede your point that anger without action is futile, I believe it naive to assume that Verizon — or any company worth their salt, for that matter — doesn't read these forums and try to keep their finger on the pulse of what its customers want. Forums such as this one are a fantastic medium to broacast the uncandid voice of the populace directly to the companies about whom they form opinions. Don't believe me? Just look at the Harley Owner's Group. This was formed by the virtually exclusive American motorcycle manufacturer in 1983 for the sole purpose of finding out what they were doing wrong and win over a larger market share of the motorcycle industry. To think that the highly-competitive cell-phone industry is any the less tenacious about such endeavors is nothing short of folly.

  • Andy1

    i'm out. see you verizon

  • sleepy

    There is one primary reason the Nexus One and the HTC Incredible have not been released yet and it is directly related to the Motorola Droid. Before either of these phones will be released one important thing needs to happen. The Droid must get the Android 2.1 update. Verizon has invested too much in the Droid and not only do they want to get every dime they can out of it, they need to make sure that their many customers that own them can get the critical features of pinch-to-zoom, Google Goggles, enhanced Google Maps, etc, prior to allowing other Android devices to outclass the Droid, thus allowing it to remain on, at least a somewhat even playing field.

    Once the OTA update of 2.1 happens for all Droid users, the new phones will have the all clear to be released. I believe this will happen within the first half of April. I am surprised at the passion of the Verizon customers who are so upset that they are threatening to leave for other carriers, due to lack of killer phones. It must be very frustrating to see all the other carriers announcing new devices. The other carriers either already have them or are giving their customers something to look forward to like the Evo 4G from Sprint. Meanwhile, Verizon needs another option besides the Droid. The demand for touch-screen tablets wo/ a keyboard is high, especially if it is made by HTC and runs Android 2.1.

    The HD2 runs Windows Phone Classic, but that did not stop Tmobile from selling out of them in less than 4 hours. I was at a Tmobile store 15 minutes after they opened on Wednesday and they sold out of them while I was in line. Fortunately, I was able to get one from a secondary retailer, but all the Tmobile locations, including outlets, were sold out within 2 hours where I am. You can't even get them on their Website as they are sold out. Verizon customers will have to get out to the stores early to get in line, as the Incredible will sell out. There is too much demand and not enough devices.

    The HTC Incredible will have an FM radio and 8mp camera and run the HTC Sense UI on top of Android 2.1. However, I do not think that overrides the Nexus One's unique noise canceling technology and full power of the snapdragon processor, which the Incredible will not have. I do enjoy the "Sense" UI by HTC, but the standard Google UI for Android 2.1 found on the N1 works really well. This will depend on user preference. The HD2 is an awesome phone, but it would not be nearly as good without "Sense" running over the Windows Phone Classic OS. I just purchased the unlock code for the HD2 so that I can use sim's from either tmobile or at&t.

    I use my company's sim in my N1and this Google phone is an ass-kicker for sure. It continues to amaze me by the countless things this device does, and does so well. All of our IT guys have iphones and they are jealous of the N1 and all the things it can do that their phones can't and there some significant things like multi-tasking and the noise canceling technology and Google Goggles just to name a few. In addition, Outlook Calendar support and flash 10.1 should be available within the next three months. Incidentally, the US version of the HD2 does not have the MIFI app enabled as Tmobile does not currently support tethering, and there is no digital compass. However, the upgraded 1 gig of native memory and upgraded 16 gig micro sd card preloaded with both Transformers movies, plus the dedicated apps for real-time TV viewing, renting movies and reading ebooks more than makes up for it.

    AT&T has the iphone and now the Nexus One. TMobile has the N1 and now the HTC HD2. Sprint will have the N1 and the HTC Evo 4G with Wimax. Verizon has the Droid. They need the Android 2.1 update so that the N1 and HTC incredible can be released. They are going to sell so many Incredibles it's going to be a horror show for those who didn't get it after the first run stock of it sells out.

  • As I have said many times this is getting real old. Waited for IPhone and AT&T got it Bought a Droid and still waiting for my 2.1 upgrade…. OK forget that now I am waiting for Nexus One or Incredible…. AT&T gets the Nexus One and I didn't even know they were in the mix… How can all this stuff be working on everyone else's network and not Verizon…… October can't come fast enough IPhone here I come have 5 phones with Verizon and one at a time we will be switching to a company who doesn't keep their customers in the dark for no reason. If they said hey guys new phone coming June 1 at least there would be a light at the end of this never ending tunnel but there is no hope in sight…. Honestly!!

  • rgthane

    If Verizon doesn't get off their cans and release a smart phone that is open and uncrippled, I'm leaving for another carrier. There is nothing like the iPhone or the Nexus One, and further more no excuse to keep their customers hostage. The don't understand, we are waiting to hand over money freely to them if those conditions are followed.

  • Done with Verizon

    ive been such a loyal Verizon suscriber but this is the last straw…Im DONE waiting and waiting and f'in waiting for them to deliver…ora at least a solid date when nexus will be available…just pathetic,,,

  • David

    I think Sprint missed the big moment, they should have released
    the HTC EVO 4g not put it off to summer.VZN will release
    the incredible and nexus one. The people that buy those
    phones would have bought the EVO.

  • stuart

    first of all, there are too many people who fear switching to another carrier. I had nextel for many years then switched to sprint. Within the last year my company made me switch to verizon. Verizon has been nothing but a joke. They honestly feel they rule the mobile market. Look at their stock, hasent moved squat in over a year and must I say the market never fibs…verizons service is good don’t get me wrong, but it’s still not as good as sprints was. Verizons prices are less than at&t, but sprints is still cheaper. Verizons internet works well, but sprints is a hell of alot faster. The only thing holding sprint back is their divices. Palm with web os is a great opperating system, they just shot themselves in the foot by rushing out a divise with subpar hardware. Sprint is now a major contender again and if it wasn’t for my stupid company I would go back to sprint in a heart beat. I’d go back to my excellent service, great customer service and awsome data speeds. So all you people who are afraid to leave big red…screw that…think about sprint, I wish I could go back….HTC is the king of the new phone era, go to the carrier who will be the most active in pumping them out!

  • A.D.

    I am so sick of waiting for this phone. Verizon needs to hurry up and release the phone already. I get a new phone in a month and I would love to get the Incredible but at the rate Verizon is going, the phone will be out in July. There is no urgency about releasing such an amazing phone. I agree that CTIA would have been an amazing time to release the phone and it would attract more people and may even stop people from getting an iphone. Verizon is going to end up screwing themselves over.

  • SadLlama

    So all you people are upset about a phone that officially hasn't been confirmed yet by Verizon. Your angry is based on assumptions and RUMOR. If Verizon came out and said "yep, this phone is coming" but doesn't say boo about it for months then your tirades might be justified.

  • iPhone switcher

    Don't want to wait anymore. There has gotta be a reason they did not take advantage of the CITA and announce a new product. Maybe there is none in the pipeline. Maybe whatever they have incoming pales in comparison to what the competition has been showing. I am not waiting for things that may or may not happen. Even the Verizon spokesperson said that they never said there would be an N1.

  • Julien

    It is obvious Verizon carriers will not be receiving an iphone any time soon- the least they could do is push for more HTC models. Verizon looses customers due to the lack of locking down contracts for the more technologically advanced phones (even the blackberry models are severely limited.) Verizon customers need newer phones asap or more customers will be lost. The HTC incredible and NEXUS, I hear, are coming to Verizon in two weeks. If this is not true a number of customers will be disappointed and possibly switch- after all I switched over briefly for the iphone. Sadly people are just as drawn in by design and technology as they are reliability. I cannot understand why they do not press the issue of locking down contracts faster. It would almost appear that Verizon doesn't really want to be number one. What a disgraceful disappointment Verizon…maybe the CEO is really old (80-90) and doesn't like technology…ahh that's it!!! Verizon this is my last measure before switching….and I speak for many…

  • patiently impatient

    Verizon probably did not want to interfere with their 2 for 1 inventory reducing promotion for the DROID which ends on Wednesday. If they would have made an announcement it would have seriously cut into this promotion. Once they release the Incredible or Nexus One is anyone going to choose DROID over either of these? Doubt it. If I don't hear anything soon after this promotion is over on Wednesday then I will start seriously considering walking away from Verizon.

  • Tim

    They are overpriced phones on overpriced networks. All networks have good and bad coverage zones, you go with what works. If you want an iphone and don't want at&t, you unlock it and use it with t-mobile. I am an Iphone user on there network and I love the coverage, data transfer could be better, and my monthly payments can't be beaten.

  • Mark

    Yeah, they blew it. I'm already out of contract and was just biding my time until the 23rd. Verizon/Google missed an opportunity, and now that the Incredible/Evo4G is on the Sprint horizon, why should I set my sights on a smaller phone with a more expensive plan. They blew it big time.

    And Verizon, stop this "We know nothing about the Nexus One" crap. We all know you plan on supporting it, and Google is going to be selling it, so both of you need to get together and give us a bit of information so soothe the burn. People are pissed off and you need to fix this.

    • Tommy

      Thats right Verizon at least throw us tech junkies a bone,, We promise we won't tell no body..

  • Chrissy

    No News is bad news for the company, I am out of contract and if nothings happens in the next few days, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I cant believe they would treat there customers so poorly and leave us all in the dark like this, they are shooting off their own foot. Bye Bye Verizon.

  • Tommy

    Feel like i got coal in my stocking for Christmas.. I woke up the 23rd thinking would go get the nexus…I'm not a got to have it now person But gee wizz Verizon At least give your loyal customers some common courtesy and let us know if it will be sold at your stores or just online? can you have it on the family plan?? ect ect.. You have the best coverage hands down!
    But show a little class….

  • cvonycric

    Really? You all feel as though VZW OWES us new phones. Grow up. VZW has a very clear strategy; It's the NETWORK, stupid. And guess what, it has worked for them. There are a LOT of people that simply prefer completed, un-dropped calls to the latest hardware. I am one of them. Sure, it kills me that I can't have the iPhone or the Nexus One (yet0, but it would make my head explode to have the call completion challenges my friends face on ATT every day. Frankly, when VZW rushes on H/W, they screw up (witness the first Storm). Verizon isn't going to release anything until they are pretty darn sure it will work without major gaffes. If you want the hottest h/w, vote with your wallet and stop your complaining. They do NOT owe us anything. YOU have the control to make an economic decision. While VZW is not w/o fault, I am impressed by the clarity and success of their strategy…which is clearly NOT focused on gadget head early adopters (like me).

  • john smith

    Verizon is blatently arrogant, and apparently to the point of ignorance. . but they are not concerned (nor will they ever be) because too many people will continue to support them throughout their displays of shenanigans, despite their obvious areas of consumer dissatisfaction because of lacking comparable options (not because of true loyalty) – Big Fed, i mean Big Red (& dwindling competition) is a solid representation of this country… Go usa!

  • SonnyA

    Verizon has lost me. Recently I would have jumped on the Nexus One, but now I've had a chance to shop around a bit and see that Sprint or T-Mobile would be the way to go. I'm luckily out of contract so I can take my two family share lines to Sprint, save a ton per month, and even upgrade to the new EVO in the summer when it releases. Thanks for the great reliability Verizon, but I'm going to give Sprint a try. I can treat moving to them before the EVO comes out as a way to do a long trial on their network before committing to a 2-year agreement with the EVO.

  • Sen10

    well, im a sprint customer, i almost jumped ship to verizon due to the lack of new phones being released.. but the sprint everything plan could not be beat.. and verizon charges seperate data for each phone on a family plan? whats the deal with that.. Now the EVO is being released, i guess at sprint i will stay.

  • Cracker

    Aw gee – VZW didn't do what you wanted at CTIA & the sky is now falling? VZW phones are cans & string? Switching to Venezuelan SocialistPhone because of all this?


    It is really easy to tell the kids from the adults – especially the kids with the enV2 phones (the only one mom & dad will let them have) claiming to be big stuff & jumping ship. Sounds like the kiddie crowd over at crackberry. Come on, kiddies… there are more important things than a stupid phone that will compromise your privacy & sell your tail down the river. Only an ignorant fool would be hankering for an Android phone on any carrier or an iphone on ATT.

  • ken

    perhaps it has something to do with the lawsuits filed against HTC by Apple? It may behindering google's further release of their phone

  • seymour2001

    I've been a Verizon customer for many years. I'm tired of the fact they are not the ones to get the best smartphones first. I want the Sprint Evo, it's the phone to beat.

  • Ears

    Don’t think i could leave Verizon. I had to listen to my wife about how sprint sucked when she was on vzw. Then i started to realize how bad the network is and then never experienced such bad customer servicefrom sprint. There were times I felt like shoving my phone through the phone I was on(since mine wasn’t working) then shoving it straight down there throat. As for att I have to many stories about terrible coverage. I am due for renewal now and wait as long as it takes rather than deal with the stress of bad customer service and coverage. Oh, I dont want to hear my wife bitchin at me for swithing to something crappy for 2 years.

  • Mackerman

    I was considering Verizon because of the Nexus One, but hessitated because their plans are so much more expensive than Sprint and Tmoblie. Now that Sprint is getting the Nexus One and the EVO, no need to move, I'm sticking with Sprint… Though if Tmobile had coverage where I lived, I would definitely considering switching to pick up the HTC HD2.

  • shill74

    my contract is up now with verizon, just waiting to see when sprint is getting the nexus one. peace verizon.

  • DRman

    Agreed, I too will be switching carriers. I really need a smartphone, and long decided that this weekend I would get one. If Verizon is too dumb to not show off their goods at an expo, then they will miss out on my business.

  • Ben

    Verizon is still advertising the Droid on TV. It would undercut those advertising dollars to announce a better, but unavailable product.

  • Rick

    Have been waiting like everyone else for the last month for release dates. My upgrade kicks in 4/1 . The frustration sucks. My son loves his droid but I am hoping for something better. Can't change service because the family plan. Hopefully Verizon gets there act together

  • Steven

    this is all making me sad and sick. gimme me my incredible.

  • Nadia

    very disappointed in the delay on these new phones – I would get a Droid but don't want to get it only to have the new phone come out the next day, week, month; but we are a Verizon house with FiOS TV, internet and phone. and other carriers' coverage in this area sucks so …

  • luap

    what about the possibility that they're just waiting to announce the N1 and incredible until after the "buy one get one" deal is finished on the 31st? they want people to buy buy buy before they start pushing out new phones. seems logical to me from a business standpoint, but it sucks from a customer pov. none the less, i'm stickin with verizon so i can use their excellent coverage on my new N1.

    • Virginia

      in your dreams luap! verizon never promote two end tech new phones like buy one and get other free…yes they can like get a nexus one and can give a droid free because the Droid is already old business toy.

      • HonestEnd

        What the hell are you talking about? Did you even read his post correctly? He means that Verizon is probably waiting for their BOGO offer to end because they want everyone to buy up their "excess" handsets before announcing two new phone additions to their inventory.

  • Kent

    I'm an unhappy AT&T customer considering moving my family's 5 lines to Verizon, but I will put up with the crappy blue network until big red gets the best handsets. Seriously VZW, the best you can do is the Motorola Devour running an older version of android? If you want my business deliver on the hype and roll-out the Nexus one and the Incredible!

  • CMM

    I am actually pulling for Sprint in a big way, I think they get the speed of technology, either that or they figure how can we compete the best?

    Lets try and release new and inovative products first, while they have been slow in the past I can see them doing alot better in the future and the $69.99 plan blows Verizon out of the water, I would definatly give them a look in the near future … making people sit around for updates to their phones and only basically giving their customers a Moto Droid just wont work now or in the future, The Droid they have for anyone thats a high end user is the only phone they have and have had ever on their network that I would even have a thought about getting, but its was so clunky that I just could not see myself using that for 2 years so I passed quite easily … you would think a company that big would do alot better, I am just sick of all their delays and promises … this has gone on too long, way to damn long.

  • CMM

    Verizon just does not seem to get it.

    Technology moves way to fast to be the last in line to release phones, I mean if it were really true that they do the best testing thats why it takes longer then thats BS!

    Storm 1 and Storm 2 both are junk … Omnia 2 well its an ok device but again it took forever, by the time it actually was released I had forgot about it.

    We dont even want to talk about the Palm Pre, they got that device once it was released on another network and was obselete!

    Verizon this isnt the day of the Moto Razor, get a clue … New Phones are now either the most important or will be shortly, let your hardware languish then your network will follow close behind and the money that pours in because of faithful customers will soon go elsewhere.

    • skb

      I disagree. The pre plus offers great functionality, and app developers are paying attention. It's certainly NOT outdated. Granted, there are things that could be improved, such as the ability to take a card, but the WebOS platform and SYnergy work very well.

  • Nyquil.Junkie

    I'm amazed at how many people would rather suffer horrible service to have a "cool" or "innovative" phone. What is the point of having an iPhone if calls are always dropped and the 3G is slow and lags. I thought the whole point of a phone was to make calls. I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of the HTC Incredible or Nexus One, but I wouldn't jump ship to AT&T for horrible service or Sprint's horrible customer service. I read an article about Sprint having 4G with WiMax, but they were considering switching to LTE, which is what Verizon is going to roll out. I'll stick with Big Red because I get amazing cell service and phone quality and fast 3G speeds. I don't mind waiting a few more months for an updated Android phone. To me, its all about the network.

  • Tim

    I am going to take my upgrade with Verizon this week & get the Droid. You have 30 days to return. Hopefully they will release the Incredible by then & I can trade in for no penalty. No one has good service around my area except Verizon, so changing carriers is not really an option for me. I really want a full touch screen Android phone as my current phone (Dare) is touch screen only & I have really come to like it.

  • Berner

    Year after year, time after time, Verizon disappoints its customers on the hardware side. Finally — for a brief moment — it appeared that Verizon might finally have the best-specced handset in the market: the Incredible. But no, the EVO is coming soon, and the Incredible may or may not even exist. Even if the Incredible does release, it will always be EVO's little brother.

    Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I'm not insane, and I'm not giving Verizon another chance. They have now lost a customer with 12 years of loyalty under his belt.

  • bobbo

    Did any of y'all consider that the latest Apple vs. HTC lawsuit might also be presenting stumbling blocks to Verizon's timeframe? Sure, the EVO by Sprint would technically also be under fire from Apple's claims against HTC, but was Sprint the one that launched the "there's a map for that" and the "iphone can't – droid can" campaigns? Verizon is still dealing with that lawsuit from Apple.

    I too, as a Verizon customer, having bought my LG Dare about two years ago (woe is me on that one – very low quality workmanship). And I am finally up for upgrade. I need a phone that can finally fit my lifestyle. Droid is not it. It's heavy and I hate the keyboard. The HTC Incredible is likely it. And since ALL of my family (wife, kids, parents, siblings, etc.) or on Verizon, there really is no jumping ship. The "free mobile to mobile" minutes are the absolute best ploy for keeping customers. Get a family entrenched in a carrier and it makes it hard for one person to step away. Otherwise I would have jumped ship a long time ago and gotten an iphone… oh wait. I hate apple. Ah well.

  • Eric

    "Will it be possible for them to recover?" Come on everybody! I was with AT&T…horrible service and customer service! Sprint before them…Great data transfer speed but poor coverage. Now with Verizon and I love the service,,,no dropped calls, good data transfer speed.

    Verizon was Not putting out any information on pending phones (Incredible/N1), that was all of the bloggers/tech websites that were speculating. Verizon will put it out there when the phones are ready. They didn't get to be the biggest most successful carrier for doing things half assed.

    If you can't handle the suspense or disappointment leave and quit whining.

    • Kelly

      vzw isnt half assed? you are kidding arent you? they are holding off to get their grubby garbage software on the phones so we only can use about half of the intended capabilities like they have ruinr]ed all the phones that manufacturers painstakingly tried to make as great as possible..every one knows verizon wrecks the phones with their crap overlays before they "are perfect"..c'mon..this is not new..they ruin the phones. that is there version of perfect

  • StonedOne

    The EVO is going to be awesome. It will be the 1st phone to drop EVERY FRIGGIN CALL on a 4G network. I don't know if you realize this, but Sprint customers complain that ALL calls are dropped. Nobody makes it through a 30 minute conversation without redialing. 4G will be great – as soon as it hits verizon in 2011.

  • Matt

    Verizon needs to get with it. Their Execs have lost touch with the consumers and it's starting to show. I will be ending my two lines next month when they expire and moving to ATT for the iPhone. Sorry Verizon, you had your chance.

  • Dave

    My Verizon contract is up in May. That's how long they have to come up with a phone I want, whatever it may be called.

  • StonedOne

    WOW! People are unbelievable. I ask again, what makes the iphone better? Nobody can answer that. They just say it's better. It's sad, the way people just bite onto whatever is popular. The iphone is a fantastic paper weight and excellent ipod with the capability to occasionally make a 30 sec. call without dropping it. Go ahead, get your iphone, switch to att and drop more calls. The sad thing is, you'll do that and 1 week later, there will be the Incredible over on the vzw network. While you're kicking yourself in the nuts, those of us who are patient will be enjoyin one of the MANY phones which reign over the inferior iphone, and the best service along with it. Suckers…

    • Rick

      I'll tell you what makes the iPhone better. Smooth, intuitive user interface. Seamless integration with iTunes for music, apps and video. Too many apps to mention. Pleasing form factor. My wife owns the 3GS and totally loves the phone, she just hates the ATT network and its poor quality. I will wait for a great smartphone on VZW because what good is a smartphone without a decent signal?

  • VZWthumbsDOWN

    I'm done!! If i don't hear an official announcement by April 1, I'll leave VZW and I won't look back.

  • Zephyr

    I suspect that the absence of Verizon's announcement may have something to do with the lawsuit against HTC over copyright protection. That said, if Verizon keeps dangling the carrot, eventually the loyal customers will give up and move to lower-hanging fruit (i.e. Sprint.) And with every person that makes the switch, that's more revenue for Sprint to upgrade their network and poise themselves as a direct competitor to Verizon. And, as Paris as so succinctly said, what a sad day that will be for Verizon. Verizon's lust for overbearing control of the handsets has kept the iPhone from its network. Now, they're missing out on the 4G action? How much longer can they remain the complacent monolith without improving their service, network, and handset offerings? Time will tell. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but not forever.

  • Virginia

    10 years as verizon customer I am very frustrate, I think verizon are fixing theirs software to spoil all the good smartphones, However the HTC EVO look spectacular unbeatable as well the HD2 …I dont care pay termination fee* Am done with verizon, and the Nexus One? is an experiment from Google I dont trust in this phone. fuck them HTC is the way to go!

    • Scot

      htc built the nexus one… just an fyi.

  • Jason

    This blog is hilarious. Every day you post something, regardless of how meaningless the post is, just to grab headlines about the hot device. Real technology blogs, like Engadget, reported last week that the Incredible will be out at the beginning of April. That hasn't changed. Stop trying to create news out of nothing.

  • dave

    All this has made me consider switching to sprint.

  • Tim

    It's too bad Verizon hates it's customers. The"most reliable network" is useless if most of the phones are the digital equivalent of 2 cups tied with a string. Many people don't need national coverage, just a good signal in their area. I get a good signal from everyone so having the largest network means squat to me.

  • icey

    I don't even think that the Htc Incredible even exist, because if it did as incredible as they make it seem they would atleast advertise months before like they did the Droid, Verizon is stuck in time and I'm about to jump ship if they can't get better phones. Who wants a Devour? That phone sucks. 91 million will be cut to 80 million if they don't tighten up over at Verizon

  • David

    It has made me seriously consider the other carriers phones. I am less likely to sign onto Verizon as a result.

  • Um, according to this… the pricetag for the Supersonic will be in the "high US$700 range." WHAT?! For a CELLPHONE?! Not even the iPhone has ever been that much. Ridiculous.

  • emelee

    VZW– You're blowing it. I don't have a SmartPhone yet, bec. I've been waiting for a VZ iPhone annc't for many many months, and have finally given up. I NEED a SmartPhone now, but won't give in until VZ gets serious. I called VZ customer service yesterday to see if anyone could give me info about the Incredible or NexusOne – the only 2 phones I will consider — and was told they were both "in testing", and that "Verizon won't release anything that's not up to our strict standards of performance and operability." What BS. Not sure what to do now, but I must make a move right away. Don't want a Droid. WILL NOT go to ATT&T.

    • skb

      I realize people are concerned about Palm's longevity, but the Palm Pre Plus really is a competitive smart phone… some even say better than android, blackberry, and iphone.

  • Ares2345

    Verizon doesn't care about it's customers. That was obvious when on January 18th they made any decent phone have a mandatory data plan. Which I have one, but it's by choice NOT by force. They are just trying to take from their customers and not give anything back. The lack of either HTC phones at CTIA also is yet one more let down for their service base. Personally I am trying to decide if I should stick with them. I think they will stay on top for a VERY long time, but I hope they lose customer base because of their lack of appreciation for their customers who made them who they are today.

  • styln03mach1

    I'm fed up with Verizon!!!! I have been a loyal customer for 8 years and I have had it with their crappy phones. I have been following the htc incredible since last December and CTIA was my last hope. Thanks Verizon for letting other carriers announce new phones while you stand in the corner with your head up your a$$!

  • Big D

    I switched from Sprint to Verizon about three years ago due to Sprint's horrible customer service. When I first started using Sprint they had really good customer service at the local corporate store. As time went on they became worse and worse. Soon they seemed to have the attitude that they were doing me a favor by being on their network. That's when I paid the $ to get out of a four phone contract. I was that fed up. When I started using Verizon, the local corporate store was great. They would give you discounts on accessories at the drop of a hat. Now if I ask for a cheaper price, they act like "who are you to ask for discount from us". Well, I'm a customer with a four phone family plan, thats who! I'm ready to update my phone but they have absolutely no phones that can compete with other big name carriers. They are headed down the same road as Sprint did a few years ago. START CARING ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS AGAIN VERIZON!!! I'm happy with your network, but your customer service sucks and so does your smartphone selection. Wake up!

  • paris

    verizon are you listening? it will be a sad day for you when sprint's network is considered reliable enough by your current loyal customers. they already have much better plans, and now seem to care about their customers – and consumers as a whole – enough to not only provide the latest technology, but to actually give them (us) all something to look forward to.

  • As long they have the network that they do Verizon will be alright, but they shouldn't get too cocky. People love new phones and WILL switch (especially if their contract is up). The longer they stay M.I.A. the opportunity it gives people to a new plan for a new phone. These other companies can slowly build a larger network if the pattern continues.

    Apparently, no one at Verizon ever heard the stories, "The Tortoise and the Hare" or "Casey at the Bat".

    If they put out the equivalent of EVO by May and then adopt 4G by late 2010 they will continue to reign supreme … or at least keep the turtles at bay.

  • Jason

    I switched from ATT 4 months ago because the coverage in our area sucked. Looks like I'll be terminating our phones early and heading back over there to get a phone that is up to date. Way to go Verizon.

  • roger

    I have been out of contract with verizon since august..I have been waiting for something great other than the droid, but I have pretty much had it with the wait.. I think I am going to go down to at&t and just get a I phone

  • moe

    my vzn contract ends in june..I'll be moving to Sprint for the EVO due to the lethargic efforts of vzn marketing team to bring in new hardware.

  • Mike

    sick of waiting for a new verizon phone. my contract has been up for a while and i am making the switch right now . bye bye verizon. U suck

  • martini

    I was hoping Verizon would announce something as well. If they don't announce before the EVO comes out, I will probably switch over to Sprint. They have better plans anyway.

  • Jem

    Pushing me over the edge. 1st it was a wait for the iPhone, now a wait for the Nexus One & add to that a wait for the Incredible. Either I go get the Droid, which is now already outdated so a new phone can be released 30 days later, or I change carriers and get the device I need. I've been a loyal customer of Verizon's for over 10 years. I patiently waited, but not giving a specific date for the release is terribly frustrating and not a good way to treat their loyal customers. I think my time is now up w/Verizon. Love the network, hate the phones.

    • Brian


  • Roger

    Very disappointed. Been dealing with gimped verizon phones for years. Im fed up. Moving to AT&T.

  • Craig

    Dear Verizon, Look at the old days of the AT&T monopoly. AT&T had the best (only) network, but the moment people could jump, they did. People hated the company because the company showed no interest in the customer. Verizon, ALL you talk about is your network. You think it's the only important ingredient. You show no interest in keeping your customer's excited or up-to-date. It's embarrassing when every other non-Verizon friend I have gets the new phone, that I don't get for another year – or two. Not if, but when another opportunity arises, I will be leaving you. You are too big to show no interest in us.

    • Brian

      I think you have something. These monster companies often evolve over time and another emerges and ends up with all the cards. The problem is with them now there like Washington/ nobody is or cares to listen to the people the ones who got them there!!
      . Being from Maine here theres only two options, US cellular or Verizon. Sadly I chose the latter w/ the original storm unit and for lack of better words sucks!! ALWAYS dropping calls right in town!!!!
      But they tell me there is nothing wrong.
      Obviously there doing this for a reason but the bottom line is someone has dropped the ball no matter what anyone says.
      To be on and stay on the top you must always have the edge, thats what I thought of Google,this certainly isn't helping them either

  • Jack

    Verizon and Apple have a history of doing things their way, not necessarily what the public wants. This delay in release could be related to the rumors of iPhone on Verizon as early as this summer, and the need to release phones that are 4G capable. Android is the up and coming OS…now we wait to see what the new hardware will look like. HTC can make 4G phones (EVO); maybe they're tinkering with the Incredible…

  • jay

    yeah…been waiting for a phone that could compete with at&t's iphone (not the droid) and verizon blew it again.

  • jay

    yeah…been waiting for a phone that could compete with at&t's iphone (not the droid) and verizon blew it again.
    my contract is up this summer, so if i don't see some sort of effort by Verizon to make an impact with a ground breaking phone…then i'm switching to att&t or sprint.

  • I was hoping, like everyone else, to hear a release date for the Incredible. Fortunately for Verizon I am extremely loyal. This is due to the fact that I and have personally made too many calls to colleges and friends that have gone to AT&T, naturally to own the infamous Iphone, and cannot even leave them a voice message or when I do get connected the call is dropped due to AT&T’s horrendous connection. I recently went to New Orleans with my friends and my friend’s daughter had to call my cell, on Verizon, because her mother’s phone was not working and she could not receive calls. Not even voice mail! Verizon please release the Incredible 🙂

  • Marc

    Really? "Will it be possible for them to recover?" That's just ridiculous.

    Also, it is rarely possible for one Not to be a "victim of their own downfall." When one is in "downfall", they are generally adversely affected.

    Oh, the Drama!

    • Alice

      LOL! Best. Post. Ever.

  • Verustrated

    I have been a Verizon customer since they acquired Cellular One. It amazes me that the best coverage company is not compelled to have the best Hardware on the market at all times. Always late to the party. I have been watching for the Incredible for 2 weeks. I will be moving to Sprint the day the EVO is released. Especially since they now offer the total package for 69.99 a month. Provided that includes email and data.

    • tish

      The Incredible and Nexus One will be out before then.. The EVO is not going to be on the Sprint network until the summer..

    • manoj

      i doubt if they will give u 4g data on 69.99 package

      • Jake

        Actually, it's been reported already that 4G data will cost the same as 3G and WITHOUT a 5GB limit. Data cards with 4G already set this pricing precedent. 3G Data Cost= 4G Data Cost on Sprint.

  • spunkynipper

    I like Verizon service and I am due for a upgrade. I am tired of waiting for the release of the HTC Incredible. Looks like I may just go ahead and get the Droid or Samsung Omnia ii. I am upset that is has not be released.

    • bob

      dont do it…….. wait

    • ryan

      for the love of god, stay away from windows mobile. Droid if you must, but omnia YOU MUST STAY AWAY FROM

  • Scot Arnold

    I have no choice but to wait for the Incredible or Nexus One. I can not switch from verizon because I have a family plan and only one phone is up for renewal. I am very, very, very disappointed that they did not at least give a release date! I went to the local Verizon store yesterday to see if anyone knew a date and they had not even heard of the incredible and did not know that the Nexus One was coming to Verizon. I wish another carrier would get decent coverage around here.

    • Lance

      Funny how people complain and gnash teeth about a new commercial product as if they are somehow entitled to it. The company will release on their time-line, not yours.

      Start you own company if you want to run things or go cry to King Obama, maybe he can force Verizon to give you your coveted phone.

      Grow up children.

      • custangro

        Or I'll go to T-Mobile…

        They have a right to release it on their time and I have a right not to use their services

      • Kelly

        i think maybe you can be the next verizon…does anybody truly like them? no one i know does. they have the coverage and us by the crotch..thats why they have the most customers. they are the epitome of the paradox

    • Tish

      Stick it out it will pay off in the end. Verizon is the best for a reason

  • I am giving up on Verizon and heading to Sprint or AT&T…I can not take it anymore!

    • Mike

      Take what?

  • thomas

    nope, waited too long i am, going to t-mobile for the HD2 and a much cheaper plan.

    • Tish

      When you leave verizon just realize that you will not get good service. Tmobile plans are cheap for a reason. You pay for what you get. SUCKY SERVICE. Dropped calls.. LOL

      • g1-and-only

        I have had tmo for 3 years and never had a dropped call and i live in maryland and drove to buffalo, thanks iphone fan boy

  • jacklyn

    Victoms of their own downfall? Doubt it seriously! Ultimately cell phone usersand Verizon customers may say they are hurt, disappointed, and pissed off that Verizon is playing it close to the cuff, but in the end, when verizon releases their latest HTC Incredible, all bad feelings go away and it becomes just about the phone not the network provider. All those dedicated Cell phone snobs will flock to verizon to pick up their newest product. It's about impatience. No one likes to be in the dark, but once the light shines through the darkness fades and is forgotten about and it becomes about the light.

    • Al

      I was in the same camp, but I’ve been waiting for the N1 since November ’09, and my contract is up. So here’s a rumor I’m starting — if Verizon doesn’t have at least an official announcement by the end of next week (4/2), I’m switching to T-Mobile (pretty good service where I live) and picking up my N1. End of story.

    • custangro

      I've been a Verizon customer for 7 years…but my love for gadgets outweighs my loalty…N1 to Verizon SOON…or I'm switching to T-Mobile

  • Josh S

    Yeah it's definitely getting/gotten old. Verizon thinks they're the only cell service provider out there apparently. The bad thing is that their biggest competition is only hanging on due to one product…aka nobody actually likes AT&T, they just deal with it for the iPhone. The good news is now Sprint is starting to make an actual run at being real competition for big red. Everybody [including us Verizon users] know Sprint's plans blow ours out of the water, but a big issue was with the lack of new Sprint phones. The whole 4G thing, to me, isn't a big deal, but if that's the card they want to play they're definitely going to win some people over. HTC will build for anyone who can sell and I think they're starting to realize that almost anyone CAN sell. The EVO will absolutely give the iPhone a run but won't take over as the most popular smart phone. Sprint is looking better and better, though, and I think Verizon is going to take a step backwards.

  • Tom

    I called this morning to find out what my program termination fees will be and I am GONE! Too bad Verizon can't get their act together. The 2.1 update to the Droid that was canceled at the last minute with no new information? The lack of any word at all about new phones? This is ridiculous. Their network is good, but I'll take my chances with someone who will provide me with phones that aren't 2 years behind.

    • Jim

      "2 years behind"? So when Verizon released the Driod back in November, (5 months ago BTW), what was better except for maybe the iPhone?